What Goes Around, Comes AroundMature


Adder stirred, immediately his hand pressed against his skull. The wounds the ghost had created by bashing his head into the wall had healed. Yet still his head was spinning, that awful cold presence he had felt when she jumped into his body made him twitch. The night surrounding him was thick with a soft misting rain that brushed silently on his skin. Cursing he stood, feeling a new sensation in his leg. Staring down at this leg, there was a small char mark on his pants. The small hole that the little poltergeist had burn was plainly visible in the fluorescent street lights. Adder took a few calming breaths, he knew that if his anger got to him it would lead to stupid mistakes. Right now he had to find that ghost girl and her human companion.

“Hey,” a milky voice called from behind him. There was the girl from before, smiling at him as she leaned against a building. Her dazzling violet eyes slid slowly over his frame and he too stared back. It was stunning how a human could have such unnatural beauty, almost like men could magnetize to her. She has lovely blonde hair with wild colored streaks that draped over her shoulders. She was very slender with gracious curves and a buxom chest. Even her skin looked like it came from melted gold, radiating in the moon’s light. Her clothing was all too revealing, a midnight black dress that shimmered brightly and made Adder unconsciously lick his lips, feeling his fangs pricking in his mouth.

“Hey love, what brings you outside?” She gave a coy grin and strutted over to him in dagger like heels that clicked while she walked.  God, she’s hot. Adder grinned back but didn’t reveal his fangs; there was no need to chase this vixen she was already in his sights. When she reached him, her body leaned next to his as those violet eyes of hers stared up at him.

“Oh…nothing, just looking for someone.” She gave a knowing chuckle and Adder pulled her closer to him, pressing her assets against his. She gave a light gasp as his lips leaned in close to her. They hovered just inches apart.

“Maybe, I can help…” he said in a smooth, sexy voice. She placed a kiss on his lips that sent shocks across his skin and made his undead heart thunder in his chest. Never had he felt such emotions for a human…she seemed so supernatural, striking as the largest white star in the sky. Her lips slowly parted form his and made Adder let out a light hiss under his breath, normally she would have been dead and drained in his grasp but he felt he needed her presence. Like without her he’d be incomplete, it was the same feeling Adder got when he was starved of blood.

“I already found him,” she whispered slyly and leaned her forehead against his. His fingers found her hands and interlaced them, bringing her arms around his waist. The nearby fluorescent lights burst and clothed them in soft caress of dark shadows. He chuckled at her and pressed their lips together again, forcing her back against the building. Every time her skin brushed against what little of his was showing, Adder’s heart melted little by little. His kiss moved from her lips and down her neck, tasting the lovely flavor of her skin.

“Calla,” he whispered her name gently and drug his tongue down her neck and to her shoulder blade, giving her a teasing nip before pulling away. A dangerous glint flickered in his crimson eyes as he held out his hand. “Spend the night with me.” There were too many emotions bubbling behind his voice for him to conceal, something inside of him was holding back the starving predator he was. Now he all he wanted to be was the sweet lover of this dashing female. She strutted over to him, shaking her hips just enough to make him stare, mesmerized.   When her hand hooked with his, Adder instantly lead her into the Pig’s Head. With a lithe grace they melded into the crowd and then broke free at the back edge near a large metal spiral staircase.

He gave her a teasing wink and led her up the stairs, disappearing from the bar, the people, and the pounding music. At the top of the stairs was a small hallway with a few rooms, one of them, labeled room 666 was Adder’s room.

“666? Nice touch. Yours?” Calla asked with an amused hint in her voice. He nodded and paused at the door, tapping the handle lightly. The old mahogany door opened and swung into the apartment, revealing the lavish furnishings and appliances. In front of them was a large living room with two single seats and a large snowy white couch. Between the seats, on the floor, sat a lovely sheepskin rug. On a nearby table sat two empty shot glasses and a tall dark colored wine bottle.

“This way love,” he said tugging Calla’s hand as she stared at the man’s dwellings. Soon they were sitting on the large white couch, Adder’s arms around her waist and Calla’s around his neck. The kisses stared again drawing quiet moans and smiles from one another, their bodies trembled for more but each wanted to prolong the pleasure of each other’s company. Adder pushed Calla back down on the couch and their kisses grew in intensity. “Not so fast,” he chuckled, kissing the vein in her neck. Just one bite…I won’t drain her, just show my appreciation. Adder opened his mouth and trailed it over the vein, moistening the skin. His fangs lightly danced over her skin, causing Calla to gasp and squirm out from under his grasp.

“What?” he asked, pulling her back against his frame, fitting their bodies together perfectly. She glanced over her shoulder, Adder tugged a loose strand out of her face to see her eyes. She shied her gaze away from him only a moment. “I thought you were enjoying yourself.” He kissed her softly on the cheek, feeling the tense shiver in her body dissipated.

“I just thought…you were…” she trailed off, seemingly confused. “Are you-“ Adder interrupted her and placed a finger over her lips, silencing her question.

“Does it matter what I am?” he asked, his crimson eyes flashed, an ancient power burning behind them. Calla pondered his words as she sat on the couch, jolting when he pushed her back down onto the couch. “Just forget your worries Calla,” his voice was loving and predatory, drawing in his prey. She didn’t resist and took that as a sign to continue, his fingers dancing around the straps of her dress. As the black garment began to inch lower and began to show just what he desired, the memory of the ghost girl almost killing him flashed back into mind.

“Damn,” he muttered and kissed Calla passionately, but in a quick motion. “I’ve got a little revenge to dish back to someone, love. Mind waiting here till I get back,” Within a blink of an eye he was at the door. “I shouldn’t be too long.” Giving her one last longing stare, he disappeared. Seconds passed and Adder stood before the Ghost girl’s hideout. Ellie he recalled her name, and the male companion that tended to her…Jack. She had attacked him and that meant that he wasn’t holding back, no more warnings. No more games! Adder moved to the front door, pausing, should he be subtle or loud. Sighing he decided subtle was the best. Lightly touching the door knob, the locks click and opened the door, allowing him inside. A large smirk grew over his face as the scene before him displayed a perfect opportunity.

Ellie was sleeping in a chair facing the door; obviously she had tried to sit guard over her sleeping human friend. Jake was resting peacefully curled up on the sofa, a blanket draped over his body. Adder sniffed the air, taking in his smell. While his blood wasn’t the sweetest it was still pretty pure. He leaned over Jack’s frame and locked a single hand around his throat. The human’s eyes flashed open and his body struggled since he couldn’t scream.

“You fucked up Ellie!” Adder snarled waking the ghost. “You shouldn’t have tried to kill me…see now that takes away every little inhibition I had with killing you. You’re dead little poltergeist but first I’m gonna have you sit and watch as I bleed your friend dry.

“What makes you think that I can’t control you again?” she threatened stepping forward, her fists clenched tightly. Adder smiled and opened his jaws letting his fangs hover over Jack’s skin. Ellie let out a small squeal and tears coursed from Jack’s eyes. His mouth was moving trying to say something…anything, but the air wouldn’t. Adder pressed his fangs into Jack’s neck, locking his lips around the wound and drafting the sweet crimson. Ellie let out a scream and Jack whimpered, Adder began drafting faster until a sharp smell reached his nose. Hissing, he jumped back and dropped the human. Blood still poured from his wound as Adder backed away from the two, patting out a small flame that licked on his pant leg.

“LEAVE US ALONE!” Ellie snarled, clutching Jack in her arms. Adder hisses back, he knew the human would survive but barely.

“I’ll be back whore!” he shouted and was back in his apartment. Collapsing on the chair, his eyes shut. The blood from the human covered his lips and made them glisten red.

“Adder?” Calla asked, staring at him. He raised an eyebrow, the stench of blood still hanging in the air. Looking over to her, Calla didn’t look horrified but definitely confused.

“Yea, Love?” He said leaning against her shoulder, exhausted.    

The End

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