Ellie jolted up in her bed in the middle of the night. Only to see that the Vampire had climbed onto her bed. His hands wrapped around her throat, she let out a little choke. Trying not to cry, just trying to breath. She took these deep, little breaths, hoping that she could breathe the slightest, she couldn't. And that's when the threats began. "If you shout or making any noise, your buddy downstairs is my next meal." He flashed his teeth at her and she shied away from him slightly, well, as much as she could despite the fact that the Vampire had a tight hold on her. "I shall drain you and kill you, don't ever doubt that but thanks to the sun I must leave you. Even better the next time we meet, you'll be as full as a cup of champagne and I'm going to drink you dry. Oh, and get any funny ideas about talking to anyone about me, I string your boy up like a boar, drain him halfway, and burn him! Don't believe me, try." Ellie blinked for one moment, just a moment and the Vampire was gone.

     She let out a sigh of relief and breathed fast and heavy, trying so hard to get her breath back. Her hand moved to her slightly swollen neck and she lightly moved her fingers across the red indentations in her skin from where the Vampires sharp claws had dug into her skin. Ellie got out of bed, her whole body vibrating, shaking with fear. She slowly stepped towards the door and silently opened it. Her legs carried her to the bathroom and she turned the light on. She looked in the mirror and saw the nasty red imprint of where the Vampire had gripped her neck. Her face looked drawn, she was as white as a sheet. Which was unusual, as her skin was reasonably tanned.

     After looking at herself in the mirror Ellie leaned over and turned the tap on. She brought some water into her hands and poured it on her face, whilst simultaneously drinking it. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and took hold of the towel and wiped her face with it. Her face felt cold, like ice, but she just took it in her stride and tiptoed down the stairs.

     When she reached the bottom she walked into the front room and looked at the man lying down on the sofa. She stared at him with sorrow. She'd put this kind man, this lovely man in to danger. All he wanted was to help, but the Vampire had found her and had got into the bedroom and strangled her. Ellie had no doubt that the Vampire would stay true to his word. That he'd kill Jack, if she blurted about this to anyone. However, she'd blurt it out to him. She was scared for him. Ellie walked across the room and perched herself on the coffee table in front of the sofa where Jack was sleeping. He was holding the blanket close to himself.

     It was a long time that Ellie just stared at him and eventually Jack stirred in his sleep. He turned over and let out a shocked: "Gah!"
  "Oh sorry, I didn't meant to scare you." She told him.
  "It's ok, so do you always wear that outfit?" Jack asked her with a smile. Ellie looked down at her pink dress and black leggings. She smiled when Jack said this. "No, I can change my clothes, except I don't really have any at the moment. I move around a lot and I can change my clothes, but I don't really need to when I don't have any. I mean, you can smell me, but I'll never smell dirty. I don't need to shower, because my hair never gets greasy. And because I died wearing make-up I'll constantly be wearing mascara for the rest of my life."
  "But can you put more on?"
  "Yeah, I can put more make-up on and wipe that off, but when that's wiped off I have the same mascara  I had 100 years ago, no matter how much I try to get rid of it. And my hair, I can change it, but within time it just goes back to being this usual curly."
  "You talk a lot."
  "I know, I get that a lot."
  "So how come you were down here watching me?" Jack grins and Ellie tries to think of a response, but one doesn't come.
  "Umm..." She begins.
  "What's that new mark on your neck?"
  "Oh, the Vampire found me."
  "Really, I'm so sorry, I should have known."
  "No, it's fine. None of us knew he'd find me."
  "Will he find you now?"
  "Not now, it's daylight."
  "So it is." Jack replies. "It's still early though."
  "Right, well, I'll get some more sleep." Ellie smiles.
  "Ok, hope you have a better sleep this time."
  "Thanks, you too."
  "I don't know if I can, I've got this Ghost that keeps watching me." Jack tells her and Ellie smiles at him, then walks out of the room and up the stairs.

     Ellie climbed back into bed and looked around the room, feeling fear for the moment, but afterwards she thought it's daylight. There's going to be no Vampire, so she fell back asleep, feeling more at peace than she did when she fell asleep earlier that night.


     She woke up early, later on, well, if you can call ten early? And she climbed down the stairs and made Jack a cup of tea. But in the midst of making it, she couldn't think of how many sugars he likes. So she walked into the front room and started to read his mind. She kept prodding, until finally it came to her. Two sugars. She walked back into the kitchen and put in two sugars, a tea bag, poured in the steaming hot water and some milk. After that Ellie brought in the steaming cup of hot tea into the front room and placed it on the coffee table. "Wakey, wakey." Ellie told Jack with a beaming smile on her face. He turned over on the sofa and looked at Ellie with a smile. "How are you able to touch everything, surely your hand goes through everything?"
  "Nope, it takes a lot of concentration, but I'm able to touch things."
     Jack picked up the mug of tea and put it to his lips and tasted. "Wow, this is really good."
  "Thanks, it's the least I can do after what you've done for me."
  "This is the best tea I ever tasted."
  "Yeah, I've been to a lot of houses in my Ghostly years and I always end up making the tea, whether people want it or not. I like making tea."
  "Well, that's good. So how long have you been a Ghost for?"
  "A hundred years, I‘ve already told you this."
  "Sorry, you talk a lot, it's hard to keep up and Wow, that's a long time, you lived through the World Wars and everything? What was it like?"
  "It wasn't nice, however, I sort of stayed away from all that."
  "Oh, fair enough. If you don't mind me asking how did you die?"
  "It doesn't matter." Ellie paused. "That was a long time ago."

     When Ellie said this, Jack wanted to know more, however, he felt rude to ask more. So he left it at that, knowing it was a touchy subject with Ellie. "What time is it?" He asks
  "It's about half ten." Ellie replies.
  "Oh shoot, I've got to go to work."
  "Work, you have a job?" Ellie asked him, much to her surprise.
  "Yeah, how else am I going to pay for this place." He grinned and then climbed up from off the sofa.

     As he made his way towards exiting the room Ellie couldn't help but notice what a nice chest and stomach he had. She smiled and blushed to herself. Jack walked upstairs and got changed, whilst Ellie waited downstairs. She noticed that his cup was empty. He'd already drunk the tea, so Ellie walked into the kitchen to make him another drink.

     Once again she gave him two sugars and made the tea, then brought it back into the front room and placed the cup back on the coffee table. Jack soon returned downstairs dresses in a black shirt and blue jeans. "So where do you work?" Ellie wondered. Jack sat down on the sofa and noticed there was a fresh cup of tea. "You do like to make tea, don't you?" He asks her and she smiles. "I work at the Pig's Head."
  "You do?" Ellie asked him scared.  
  "Yeah, it's alright for now."
  "Well, in that case I'm going to work with you."
  "You are?"
  "Why?" Jack wondered.
  "Because that's where the Vampire found me. When's your shift end?"
  "Oh, it'll be dark around then sort of."
  "I'll be ok."
  "No, I am going to stay at work with you all day. That way I can stop the Vampire from hurting you."

     Jack burst out laughing when Ellie said this and she furrowed her eyebrows at him. This eventually made Jack stop laughing. "Well, it's just funny because even you couldn't sort this guy... And it's not funny." He said.
  "Hey! If you carry on mocking me I'll jump in your body and knock you out."
  "Can you really do that?!" He asks surprised and Ellie nods her head. Jack looked at her with approval. "You're a feisty Ghost, aren't you?"
  "Well, you've got to be when there are stupid Vamps pushing you around."
  "Yeah." He paused. "So are there anymore supernatural beings?"
  "Oh yeah. There's Werewolves, Shape Shifters, Fairies and I once met this Succubus called Calla, not a big fan, if I'm honest."
  "Fairies actually exist?" Jack laughed.
  "So is the Tooth Fairy real?"
  "God, don't be so ridiculous! Tooth Fairy's don't exist, unless your on about the Tooth Fairy that steal teeth and then eat brains."
  "Eat brains." He sighed. "I don't think I like this world anymore."
  "Hey! If this world wasn't supernatural and all you wouldn't have met me and your life would've stayed unfulfilled."
  "So now because I've met you my life is fulfilled?"
  "Exactly." Ellie grins.

     Jack drinks up the tea quickly and starts walking to work. On the way to work Ellie links arms with him. Whilst he walks along, she skips along. "The whole skipping thing is weird." He tells her.
  "Well, it's the only way I can keep up with your walking pace without running."
  "Right crazy." Ellie rolled her eyes when he said this. They carried on walking and skipping to the Pig's Head.

     They stopped walking just outside the door of the Pig's Head and Jack turned to her. "Ok, try not to attract any attention to yourself."
  "Jack, I'm a Ghost. I could run around naked in there and no one would notice me!" He looked at Ellie once again in disbelief.
  "Please don't do that." He paused. "But I can see you, so you know? Surely someone else must."
  "No, it's very rare a human can actually see me, your just a weirdo."
  "So, you're a Ghost, yet I'm the weirdo?"
  "Yep." They then both walked into the Pig's Head and Jack went straight behind the bar, whilst Ellie sat at the bar.

     She watched in silence Jack pull a few pints and she saw some drunks sat on their own at a table looking depressed. She thought there must be something better for these people than just getting drunk all the time. And just as she was about to think of an idea to improve this dive of a pub, a slender, blond woman sat next to Ellie.

     Only this blond appeared to be a woman. In fact, she was a Succubus. "Oh, hi Ellie!" Calla blurted out in her most sarcastic tone.
  "Calla, it's lovely to see you again as always." Ellie also replied sarcastically.
  "So, I still see your wearing pink dresses, you've not changed a bit."
  "Neither have you. Say?! Are you trying to go for a Lady Gaga look, I mean, come on, do you seriously need to show anymore flesh?!"
  "Not all of us can be as perfect as you Ellie." Calla smiled a fake smile. "So what have you been up to? Latching on to the nearest human?"
  "That's none of your business." Ellie replied.
  "I never got you, the whole falling for a human thing, I mean, come on! So Twilight of you. Why would you want something so vulnerable and that's easily breakable? You know, there are other Ghosts out there and I can't understand why you'd want a human, after all, it was a human that killed you."
  "Just because you get the odd bad human doesn't mean they're all bad, plus I had fun haunting him for killing me."
  "Ooh, haunting! So Scary, you Ghosts, you think your it, but in reality your week compared to someone like me."
  "Calla, you and me both know very well that I could jump into your body and slam your head against the bar. And not only that, right now, you are drawing attention to yourself for talking to thin air, so run along now."
  "God! Ghosts, you think you're so great, just because people can't see you!"

     Calla smiled and looked around the room, she then stopped her view on the man behind the bar. Jack. "I'm guessing that's him, isn't it?"
  "Stay away from him Calla."
  "Oh, but that'd be too easy!" She laughs.
  "Look, you killed the last one, now leave Jack alone."
  "Oh, on first name terms with him already, you move quick. Well, so do I. Maybe I should introduce myself."
  "Just go!"
  "Fine, whatever. But let me tell you Ellie, we both know I'm going to get my own back, because you friggin' pissed me off in the last war. You wait, you wait."
  "Fine, I'll wait. Bye now." Calla skulked off and Ellie, just continued to sit there at the bar.

     As she did this Jack kept looking over at Ellie, but as he did, he was serving drinks, so couldn't go over to speak to her. The other bartender went round back to change a barrel and Jack, he filled the glass up to the brim of lager, then collected the money off a pretty brunette woman. He then walked over to Ellie. His arms resting on the bar. "Are you alright?" He whispered to her. "You and that girl, it seemed intense."
  "It doesn't matter."
  "She said something about a human killing you, is this true?"
  "Just drop it Jack, it's none of your business."
  "Fine." He sighed and stormed off to the side of the bar annoyed.

     When he did this Ellie felt guilty, really guilty. So she followed him across the bar and looked at him. "Sorry, I just get really touchy about my past."
  "It's ok." Jack replies and let's out a relieved breath. The other bartender suddenly walked over to Jack. "Jack, are you feeling ok?"
  "Yeah, I'm fine. Why?" Jack wonders.
  "It's just you seem distracted and seem to be talking to yourself a lot."
  "What? No." Jack laughs. "I am in a play and I'm just going over lines. You know..." Jack then coughed for added dramatics. "She said something about a human killing you, is this true?" He asked in shocked voice and the other bartender, looked at Jack surprised. "Wow, never knew you were into drama."
  "I have been for a long time."

     The bartender nodded his head in approval and walked to the other side of the bar. Ellie let out a laugh. "I didn't know you liked drama!"
  "I don't." He says. "Just seemed the best way of getting out of a difficult situation."
  "I see."
  "Right, now can you go away from here, that way I can work without being distracted."
  "Sure." Ellie said and walked over to a seat silently, waiting for Jack's shift to end. She looked around the room, just trying to pass the time. There were five men at a table with pints whilst playing cards. There was an attractive, young woman drinking alone. There was an old man drinking alone. There was a couple talking and laughing. And there was the local drunk.

     Ellie let out a sigh, wanting this day to end already, wanting to get this Vampire problem sorted already, because Ellie had no doubt that the Vampire would return. That the Vampire would be ready and waiting for her. However, this time she was prepared. She hadn't used her powers much at all today and was working on fully charged batteries.

    Jack eventually finished his shift and Ellie walked outside with him. Ready to return back to Jack's house. And as she walked outside, there he was, the Vampire. Ready and waiting. He stood still, but within moments Ellie knew he was going to go for her. Ellie knew that the Vampire would do whatever it takes to get her Ghostly blood. Ellie knew that within a split second the Vampire could kill her. "Come back for more, have you?" She asked him and, stood in front of Jack, so as to protect him from this monster of the night. "How could you have been so stupid to come back here?" The Vampire asked her.
  "Well, I've been called stupid a lot, so that means I am, which explains why I came back. So what do I call you Mr Vamp?"
  "The names Adder. Not that it matters as you'll be dead in a minute."
  "Will I now?" Ellie asks him, feeling confident and more prepared compared to yesterday.

     Ellie took a step forward and another and another. They were now standing right in front of each other. He could grab her and take her now. He could drain her dry, just like a straw drains a drink dry. He could do whatever he wanted, in just one quick movement. However, Ellie was faster. She jumped into his body, so she was able to control it. She tried to control his body to get closer to the wall of the Pig's Head. It was difficult and he was fighting against the compulsion of Ellie's control. He was a willing fighter, a strong one, but Ellie was determined.

     Adder slowly walked closer to the wall, his muscles tensing as he attempted to get away. Step after step after step happened, until finally, he was right in front of it. He stared at the bricks continuously fighting, but then his head slammed against the wall. It happened again and again and again. And with each slam, he felt himself getting more and more light headed. With each slam, he felt himself losing power and control. With each slam, he felt himself getting closer to unconsciousness.

     He fell to the ground, unconscious. Ellie slipped out of his body and stared at him for ages. And as she stared at him something unbelievable happened. A light shone from Adder's leg and then it got brighter and brighter until Adder's leg started going up in flames. "Ellie!" Jack called. "We need to get out of here." However, she wasn't listening, she wanted Adder to suffer, with this new found gift of hers.

     Only problem was that Ellie began to feel light headed and she fell. Jack caught her in his arms and the bright, incandescent flames burning Adder's leg disappeared. He was just unconscious, but he was only moments away from waking up. "Don't you get all unconscious on me." Jack told Ellie and slapped her across the face.
  "Ow! Was there any need for that?"
  "Yes, now let's get out of here." Jack commanded her and they took hold of one another's hand and ran. They both ran faster than they'd ever ran in their lives. Not pausing for a breath, not pausing because of forming a stitch. They just ran non-stop, until they finally reached Jack's house.

     They slammed the door closed behind them and locked both the doors in the house and made sure all the windows were shut. Ellie and Jack collapsed on the sofa, completely exhausted with the ordeal they'd just been through. "You know, my life was a lot less complicated before I met you."
  "Sorry." Ellie said breathlessly.
  "No, it's a good thing." Jack beamed and just like that Ellie fell asleep on the sofa, completely exhausted with the day's events.

     Jack pulled the blanket over her and tucked her in, he then pulled her legs up on the sofa, so that she was lying down properly and he walked across the room where he sat on the sofa. Watching her. Making sure everything was ok, just in case the Vampire; Adder, came in for a visit...

The End

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