Calla: Love, Hate, and BloodlustMature

Nobody chooses their destiny. I'd never exactly wanted to be what I was, born and bred of darkness, and I certainly hadnt asked for it. But that wasnt to say that I didnt revel in the way I moved through the shadows of London. There was a precise air that hung about me, one that drew mere mortals to me in ways neither of us could explain.

I was rushing away from the scene of my latest crime, feeling renewed by the soul I'd just devoured. Human men were much too easy prey. A few pretty words were all it took to entrance them, to lure them away. The rest of easy. Sometimes I even enjoyed it. The way they moved through me, passion and lust and pain all pouring into one. Then, the screams. Oh, how I adored the screams.

A week went by without much event. Being a demon, even one so unlike any of the rest, made life unbearably dull. It wasnt as though I had a job to fill my time. The human world was no place for someone like me. I hated to admit it, but in truth I feared it. I feared the way it might draw me in and make me question everything I'd ever known to be sure.

Mostly I passed my time reading, occasionally scrawling a few meaningless words on a tablet of paper beside my bed. My own apartment was a simple sort of place, lacking any ornate decorations. There were no pictures lining the walls or reminders on the counters. There was no food in the fridge. There was just an overwhelming..nothing.

When the loneliness became too much to bear, I knew it was time to return to the city. For so long I'd tried to hide from what I was. But when the feeling came, it was all there was to me. It engulfed me so fully, the desire to feel live flesh against me. The craving for a pulse that reverberated through me.

The Pig's Head would be my safest bet. It was a sanctuary of sorts, a place for all demon kind to hide. Which meant that, sometimes, things got sort of ugly. Since the Great War, there had been much division between the breeds. I doubted we would ever come together again. There was no evil in the world that would make us forget.

I arrived in a flourish, wearing a skin tight black dress and thigh high leather boots. My hair was all teased up, violet eyes lined in traces of black kohl. I didnt even question if I looked good; evoking desire was in my blood. It was who I was. What was.

I could tell they were looking at me, looking through me and imagining all the things I was hiding under my alabaster skin. I'd barely begun to scan the room for a possible victim when I heard a low whisper beside me. Maybe I didnt even hear it, but only felt it as it brushed the bare skin of my shoulder.

"Looking for someone?"

I spun around a bit too fast, nearly stumbling in my heels. My natural grace saved me, as it had many times over. "Yes," I murmured. "I mean, no. Not really."

The man before me was absolutely stunning, all pale skin and dark, dark hair. But it was his eyes that captivated me so. They were a precise shade of red that couldnt be natural. Then again, humans these days were always doing things to gain attention. Dyed hair and exaggerated makeup were a common occurance.

He raised a single brow in response to my answer. "Which might it be? If you're looking for someone, perhaps I could help you."

"I dont need help." The words were a bit more acidic than I meant. But after all, this was my territory. I was the demon here, and he was the human. As if he had any clue what was truly hiding behind these walls. "I mean...I'm sorry." A sigh fell from my lips. "I shouldn't be so rude. My name's Calla."

Something flickered just beyond his gaze. "Adder," He said slowly. I was trembling all over, trying hard not to make it too obvious. Oh, to reach out and trail a finger down his jaw, ever so slightly. To draw that delicate mouth to my own in a passionate kiss, and then feel his soul as it fled his body.

I might have leaned it and done it right there, if not for the sudden voice drawing me out of my trance. "Calla," I recognized first my name, and then the one who'd spoken it. I tore my gaze from Adder to face Demrin.

"What?" I could afford to be snappy with him. What was he to me? He'd managed to outwit me once, and his soul would forever be guarded from me. Perhaps the urge was still there, but it was one I knew better than to try and act upon. Who knew the power of the spells he'd cast upon himself? The ones to protect him from me.

Demrin cleared his throat, gaze flashing between me and the man beside me. "Come and have a drink with me." Something in his tone was final, daring me to say no. I hesitated for only a second. 

Then my hand outstretched to linger lightly on Adder's chest. "I'll see you again," I promised. He didnt reply, only watched me retreat with the wizard into the crowds. I didnt look back, not even a fleeting glance. I didnt want to admit how hard it was to resist.

The End

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