Ana: FightMature

'Shouldn't we move onto the next place?' I suggested, sipping at my Coke.

'Nah,' Reuben replied. 'We can sit here for a bit, get to know the people, the area, all that jazz.'

I had no doubt that the reason my brother wanted to stay here was because of the girl that had wandered in around ten minutes after us. I watched her confidence with pure and utter envy. She was beautiful, with blonde hair and violet eyes although her clothing was a little revealing, and how she managed to walk in those stilettos was beyond me. I got the impression she was the sort of girl who, when around other girls, would make their self esteem plummet to the floor. I certainly knew she had had that effect on me.

'She's not coming back,' I chuckled.

'Who?' My brother's head snapped round, his dark eyes scrutinizing me.

'That girl,' another casual sip of my Coke. 'She left with another guy. Sorry but I guess you didn't luck out tonight.'

'Shut up Ana.'

'Hey, I wonder why that guy said this place was dangerous?' I mused, genuinely curious but also wanting to shift the topic so as not to embarrass my brother further.

'Who cares?' Reuben muttered. 'He's a freak. I need a fag, will you be alright here by yourself?'

'No,' I told him. 'Please do not go, I have no idea how on Earth I'll manage.'

'Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit,' he said standing up. 'I'll just be five minutes.'

I watched my brother's departing figure with quiet fear. Truth was, I really didn't want to  be left alone, especially in here. I didn't feel completely safe. I couldn't show it though; he'd done so much to protect me, I couldn't be scared forever, he'd feel as though everything he's done has been for nothing.

I kept my eyes glued to the table, willing my brother to return.

'Is this seat taken?' I looked up to see a man probably in his mid fourties early fifties with wispy silver hair and pale blue eyes. He was wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans. He was also incredibly drunk; I could smell the alcohol from where I was sat.

'Actually yes,' I fought to keep my voice steady and polite. I didn't want to antagonize him. 

Regardless of what I had just said he sat down, shifting his chair closer to mine.

Oh God.

'You're really pretty,' he slurred. 

I stood up. 'I have to go.'

'No you don't,' without warning, he grabbed my wrist and yanked me down sharply.

I cried out in pain as my elbow slammed into the table. 

'Let go of me!' My voice rose as I began to panic.

'You're not going anywhere,' he pulled his lips back to reveal two very real, very sharp fangs. 

'What the fuck?!' My brother appeared from nowhere. 'Let go of my sister!'

'Oh yeah?' the man stood up and I realized the drunk act had been just that; an act. 'You gonna stop me?'

In one fluid motion my brother drew his fist back and brought it forward, slamming into the man's jaw, sending him flying to the floor. I took this opportunity to leap up from my seat and run over to Reuben where I half cowered behind him.

Everyone in the bar had stopped talking and were now surveying the scene with mild curiosity. A fight here had obviously not gone unheard of.

The man with silver hair stood up, wiping a thin trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth. He threw his head back and laughed, a deep throaty noise that sickened me. His eyes looked...hungry. Then I remembered the fangs.

'Reuben no,' I hissed, grabbing his arm.

'Ana leave this to me. No dickhead messes with my sister.'

'How sweet. Big brother protecting his baby sister. Something I've never seen before.' He rolled his eyes and took another step towards us. 'But you really messed with the wrong person.'

Reuben aimed another smack at him but this time he was ready. The man grabbed Reuben's hand in his wrist and twisted it behind his back in a sickening angle.

'Let go of him!' I screamed.

My eyes desperately scoured my surroundings trying to find something to hit the guy with before he broke my brother's arm. 

'Only if you say please,' he taunted, obviously enjoying himself.

However, moments later something clicked and all of our heads turned in the direction of the sound to find the barman from earlier with a gun poised in his hand.

'Holy shit,' I whispered, rooted to the spot with pure and utter fear. Everything in my body was screaming at me to run, but I literally couldn't. My muscles had frozen. All I could think of was that gun...inches away from all of us. Although it wasn't actually pointed at us, it was pointed at the man.

'Get out of here Farius, I thought I told you not to come back.'

'You know bullets won't kill me,' he chuckled.

'Not even the special kind?'

Whatever the barman had meant by 'special' it had certainly worked. The man named Farius dropped my brother to the floor and held his hands up in surrender.

'Alright, I'm out of here.'

'And this time do not come back or so help me I will kill you.' Right now, our saviour looked ten thousand times more dangerous than Farius, with half his face cast in shadow and his eyes burning with pure, unadulterated rage. It shocked us well into silence as Farius quietly slipped out the back.

'Than-' I began.

'Get out of here,' he grunted, throwing the gun over his shoulder and leaving us.

'Reuben,' I crouched down beside my injured brother. 'We're not gonna last five seconds here.'

The End

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