The DarkMature

"Always so dark in my room. My room where I stayed, when the darkcoats didnt want me. Didnt need me. They need me now."

The dark coats, the men, the monsters who had gathered to raise the Evil. Jester crouched on all fours as the necromancer prepared the spell. The spell that would give him and his fellows power over the Evil. The Dark, kept in a container, was just a writhing mass. The darkcoats were gathered around it, chanting something Jester didnt understand.

Suddenly, the glass of the contaner cracked and the Dark swarmed towards it, but the glass sealed itself up again before it could get out.

"Blast!" Said a man with cold eyes. "We need more. Four components."

"What four components?" Said the man holding Jester's chain, the one worn around his neck like a dogs leash. They didnt trust the creature. He was simple minded to them, an animal.

"Four things." The cold-eyed man said. "Ingredients placed in the container with It" he looked pointedly at the Dark.

'What are the four things!" Someone else shouted impatiently, tossing a ball of fire from hand to hand.

"The sight of a warlock, the love of a succubus, the life of a ghost, the taste of a vampire." Said the cold eyed man. "Oh, and the skin of a human.

'Well, thats cryptic." Said the man with the chain.

"What does it mean?" Said a third voice, a woman's this time, who stood on the far side of the circle from Jester.

"It simple, It needs the eyes of a warlock,  the heart of a succubus, the blood of a ghost, the tongue from a vampires mouth and the entire skin of a human being." The darkcoats looked concerned.

"This isnt going to be easy." The cold eyed one continued. "Not many can detect the presence of all these creatures, nor have to means to skin a human, but I have reason to believe that we have such a creature in our midst. And this creature will set out and collect these ingredients."

Jester found himself being tugged along fiercely by the neck. He rose up on two legs and stumbled to a position in front of the container, in the center of the circle. His ears twitched on top of his head as the black fur covering his body stood on end. His hands were clenched at his sides as he endured the attention of all these people. All of them were humanoid and he could only see the shimmer of power around about 5 in the twenty something group, the most powerful was the cold eyed one. The Dark writhed in its container, seemingly excited about his presence so close to it.  Jesters large gold eyes scanned the crowd again as the cold eyed one stepped forward.

"Jester. You will find these ingredients and harvest them." He ordered. Jester ducked his head in a nod. "You will bring them here, using whatever means necessary." Another and the cold eyed handed him a black skintight suit, Jester was confused by this, his fur covered him well enough.

"This will be your disguise." The cold eyed one said as Jester pulled it on. "It is the only tool we can give you." Jester cocked his head to one side.

"Knife?" He asked. People drew away involuntarily, amazed that human speech could come out of that cat-like muzzle.

"What for?"The cold eyed one asked, narrowing those eyes.

"For the gouging, and the skinning, and the carving, and the bleeding." Jester spoke slowly, deliberately, demonstrating each action with fur covered hands.

"No knife will be provided." Said the cold eyed one. "Now get out of here!" Jester sank onto all fours and the chain was removed. The man with the chain aimed a kick at jesters ribs as he scrambled away to find the five ingredients.

"Five ingredients, five ingredients, blood of ghost, heart of succubus, eyes of wizard, tongue of vampire, skin of human. Five ingredients, five ingredients." He repeated over and over as he raced over the rooftops to the heart of London.

The End

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