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His fangs sunk deep into her flesh, begging her veins to relinquish something akin to nectar. But what he hadn't expected was a kick to the groin. He snarled and released the tiny girl ghost, spasms of pain jolting from between his legs. Falling to his knees, his crimson eyes watched her take off running into the forest again. Damn, he had to hand it to her, she was one feisty little poltergeist. Taking a few calming deep breaths, he stood and sniffed the air. While her blood was nothing compared to the living, it still had a unique taste of fear, pain, suffering, and loneliness. Emotions that Adder had fed off of like blood. 

"Ah...found you..." he breathed sadistically. Using his inhuman speed, he sprinted through the shady, fog engulfed forest and onto an abandoned road. The road was a main artery that lead into the center of London, passing the pubs and raves he frequented the most. He strolled in the middle of the road and pulled the hood of his jacket over his head. Where their were roads, there were people and people meant blood. He had time, let the little ghost girl find a house and get comfortable. It just meant he'd all all the more fun with the chase and hunt. Bright blue-ish white headlights blazed up ahead on the road, signalling the approach of a car. 

Adder moved just off to the side of the road and into a shadow, waiting for the right moment. This wasn't the first time he had used this hunting technique. The car was a snowy white BMW M6 convertible, with it's top down. He frowned, the vehicle was only host to one least she was one smoking dame. As the car neared his hiding spot, he jumped in front of the car and instantly heard the squeal of tires and the skidding of the car's chassis across the gravel on the shoulder of the road. He laughed quietly to himself and took a deep breath, it was time to put on a show for his prey. 

The female driver was trembling as she unbuckled her seatbelt and jumped from her car. Her eyes were a wild green that spun furiously in their sockets looking for the man she had almost hit. She was wearing a tight leather tank top and a black mini skirt. Her fancy cherry red purse hung on a thin string that dangled from her shoulder and bounced off her luscious curves. Adder licked his lips, almost feeling his mouth drool from her beauty. The girl pulled her long curly brown hair from her eyes and frowned.

"Hello?" her voice called out, shaking a bit. "Hello?"

"You o.k doll?" Adder asked smoothly, appearing in the moonlight. The dame jumped a little and smiled nervously, her hands pressed over her skirt to straighten it out.

"Yea," her voice quietly and shyly, replied. He moved closer to her and removed the hood of his jacket. She gave a quiet gasp as the moonlight displayed the man. He was  just a bit taller than her. Pale but handsome, with his black hair shaved just above his skull. Even though he had a jacket on she could tell that he was skinny but muscular.

"Quite late to be out and about..." he added taking a step closer. The girl nodded and took a step back, flicking her gaze to see that she was leaning on her sporty car. His eyes were enchanting and dark, with his back to the moonlight, they almost looked red. She waved off the thought, people didn't have red eyes.

"I...uhhh...was headed to one of the new clubs in down." She swallowed hard and his grin widened. She was perfect, his eyes moved from her face to her neck noticing what no one but a vampire would notice. A thick, plump artery ready and pleading to be bitten into. All thoughts of the Ghost girl were pushed to the back of his mind.

"You go to the clubs to? Funny coincidence, so do I. Mind giving me a lift? I could buy you a drink to make up for all this mess." Her eyes slid over his flawless pale gray skin. Most of it was covered by a black zip up hoodie with the words "Pain in the neck" in white. The man was also wearing all black cargo pants drape over his shoes.

"Well," she hesitated. He smiled and moved closer to her, pressing his cold lips against hers and chuckling. The girl melted under his touch, she couldn't describe what made her feel the way she did but she wanted more. As the kiss grew intense and his tongue snaked into her mouth, his two silver snake bite piercings on his upper lip pressed against her ruby lips. The girl moaned and shivered as his hands moved around to the small of her back and pushed her frame against his.

"You're hot you know that?" he said, pulling away from the kiss. The girl nodded, her eyes half open in mesmerized delight. 

"More..." she whispered, a bit embarrassed. He laughed and gave her a quick kiss. 

"All in good time, love." 

"Who...who are you?" she asked, blinking her eyes to meet his. He gave her a coy smile. 

"Everyone just calls me Adder, you know like the snake?" She nodded, then gasped as his kisses trailed along her neck. His warm breaths fanning against her skin and making smoke in the cold night. Her hands hooked around his neck, wanting him close to her. She hadn't even known him for more than a few moments and already she was hooked. Adder hissed a bit and opened his mouth just above her vein, pushing his fangs deep into her skin to create two large puncture marks in the girls skin. 

She cried out and her eyes widened, confusion and fear filling the sparkling hues. He pushed her against the car, arching her back to quicken her heart rate and blood flow. The girl began to scream and struggle but he knew that the nearest house, where the ghost girl rested, wouldn't hear their little encounter. Tears slicked off the girls face as she begged to know why he was doing this to her. The loud drum of her heart fought to stay pumping as the blood it needed poured into Adder's mouth and slicked down his throat. 

When her veins finally ran dry and her breathing grew shallow, he pulled his fangs from her supple flesh and grinned. Blood dripping from his fangs and down his face, creating a horrifying monster out of the handsome man the girl had one seen. 

"Why, love, am I doing this?" he chuckled and gave her one last kiss as she died, breathing in her last breath. "I'm doing it because I need a snack before the main course. It takes alot of blood to fill my stomach and color my cheeks. Thanks for the night darling, wouldn't have minded having you in my bed, but I have others to tend to. He carefully placed the corpse in the driver's seat, smashing her skull against the windsheild. Making it look as if she had swerved to miss an animal and hadn't worn a seat belt. Thus killing her.

"Ta-ta," he said, sprinting to the house that the ghost girl had hidden in. The front door was locked, no surprise there, but a small window near the kitchen was cracked. Adder quickly slipped in, he was smooth and agile making no sound as he moved up through the dwelling. A young man slept on the couch, peacefully snoring. Adder opened his mouth and concealing a gag of disgust at the human, while he wanted to kill the human the ghost girl took priority. If she found any of the others that hung around The Pigs Head, the warlock or the succubus, he didn't want anyone else to know that he was in town.

After only hanging around the clubs, pubs, and raves for a week; he liked London and didn't want to go anywhere else. Quickly he moved up the stairs and into the only bedroom, there the girl slept, curled into a ball and covered by blankets. His hand locked around her throat and squeezed jolting the girl awake but keeping her from screaming. 

"If you shout or make any noise, your buddy down stairs is my next meal!" He flashed his fangs in her face just to make a point. "I shall drain you and kill you, don't ever doubt that but thanks to the sun I must leave you. Even better the next time we meet, you'll be as full as a cup of champagne and I'm going to drink you dry. Oh, and get any funny ideas about talking to anyone about me, I string your boy up like a boar, drain him halfway, and burn him! Don't believe me, try." Then just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone.

Adder was within London in 10 minutes, hurrying to the Pigs Head and moving to the upstairs rooms. His room was the only one without windows but it was a lavish place and he enjoyed it all the same. He could feel the sun rise outside because his eyes grew heavy and sleep took hold of his body. 

The End

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