Ellie: The BiteMature

Ellie walked into the Pigs Head, looking around the room. She saw a couple talking at a table and a drunk at the bar. She let out a sigh and sat on a seat and called to the bartender, but of course, he didn't hear her. What with her being a Ghost and all. "A nice shot of vodka would be nice." She smiles to the bartender.

      Feeling bored about going around unnoticed, Ellie slipped behind the bar and jumped into the bartenders body. She controlled him to get a small glass and then filled the glass to the brim with vodka. She then controlled him to place it in front of where she was formerly sitting. Once she did that, she jumped back out of the bartenders body and moved back over to her seat. She downed the vodka in one and looked around the room.

     She saw a semi-attractive guy, so decided to go and talk to him. Her legs carried her across the room and she sat next to the man drinking alone. He was human. "So how are you today?" She asked him, but no response came. "My name's Ellie." She smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder. The man looked at his shoulder, as if something was on it. He tried to bat whatever was there away, only there was nothing there. "Yeah, I get that a lot." Ellie tells him.

     After that she moves her hand away and leans towards him and presses her lips to his for one long moment. She then moved away smiling. "I think I'll call you Gregg." The man's eyebrows furrowed, as he looked down at his drink.
  "I must be drunk." He sighed and stepped up and moved towards the door, ready to leave. "That's not the way you treat a lady!" Ellie called after him and continued to just sit there.

     As Ellie sat there, feeling alone, a figure sat next to her. She turned around and saw the man looking right at her, only this figure wasn't a man. This figure was a Vampire and he was looking straight at her. "What are you doing here?" He asked.
  "You know me, just hanging around." Ellie smiles her sweetest smile, in hope that it'll get her away from the situation. "I don't like Ghosts." The Vampire said in this low, husky tone.
  "Well, I best be off! It was nice meeting you Mr Vampire." Ellie grins at the Beast and then starts making her away towards the door.

     At first she uses slow, tentative steps, but as the fear gets the better of her she breaks off into a run. Her non beating heart racing. All she wants is to get away and that's when the Vampire appears in front of her. "Damn you fiends and your tricks!" She complains.
  "You know, I've not tasted a Ghost in a long time." The Vampire tells her, showing off his pearly whites to her. That, as well as the razor sharp canines. "Well, maybe that's because we taste disgusting. You know us Ghosts, were like ash and smoke." She tells the Vampire. "You know, I don't know your name?"
  "Does it matter?" The Vampire asks.
  "No, because you're probably going to kill me and I don't mean the sort of kill where I come back as a Ghost, the sort of kill where I stay dead."
  "You talk too much." The Vampire tells her.
  "Yeah, that's part of my Ghostly charm." Ellie tells him in her most chirpiest voice, despite the intense fear that she feels inside.

     She kept taking small steps away from him, a twig snapped beneath her feet and the Vampire went for her. His arms moving round her body and it's mouth meeting her neck. And within an instant his teeth sunk into her neck. Ellie let out a squeal of pain, dreading the idea of being found dead in the streets of London. However, she wouldn't be found, she'd just fade away.

     She couldn't let that happen...

     So she raised her knee up, fast and hard and hit the Vampire straight in the groin. Thank God he's male she thought to herself, as the Vampire moved backwards and once again she ran, ran like there was no tomorrow! And all she wished she could do was that she could just disappear and appear somewhere else. This was possible, if she had enough power. However, controlling the bartender had drained her. Drinking that shot of vodka had limited her powers. And the Vampire that sunk his teeth into her had drained her too. So all she could do to stay alive was run for her life!

     Ellie ran to the nearest house and opened the door, then slammed it behind her loudly. She was weak, extremely weak. Her back was pressed up against the door and she slowly slid down it. Her breathing was fast and heavy, she moved her head into her hands. Wanting to get this day over with.

     All she hoped was that the Vampire wouldn't find her, but of course he would. Eventually. All he'd have to do is smell her out and he'd know where she was. You'd think being a Ghost wouldn't leave any trace of smell, well, it does. And as she sat there trying to get her breath back, a figure walked through the hall. She looked up and saw a man, a young man, not much older than 25.

     He stared at Ellie for a long moment. "Are you ok?" He asked her and she looked at him in surprise. She couldn't believe what was happening. "You're a human." She states.
  "Well yeah, aren't we all?"
  "How can you see me?" She asked him and he shrugged his shoulders.
  "Umm... you've got a nasty mark on your neck." He tells her. "I'll get you a bandage."

     When he said this, he walked into the other room and Ellie stood up and slowly walked towards that room. The other room turned out to be a kitchen, she slowly stepped towards it and saw him looking through his cupboards. She smiled at him. "I'm sorry for barging in like this."
  "That's ok, you look like you need some help."
  "Yeah, I did." Ellie admitted and the man then walked over to her and started putting the bandage carefully on her skin. "You can touch me properly." She states shocked.
  "Yeah, you say some weird things."
  "Sorry, umm... What's your name?"
  "I'm Jack, you?"
  "Ellie, Ellie Swann." He finished with the bandage and held his hand out.
  "Well, it's nice to meet you Ellie Swann." He smiled and they shook hands. "Umm... You look like you need a place to stay, you can stay here tonight, if you want?"

     The moment Jack offered that, Ellie looked down at her feet. "I couldn't."
  "Hey, you can." He grinned at her.
  "But I'm in trouble and I don't want you to get in trouble."
  "Nonsense. You wouldn't cause any trouble. And maybe you can tell me how you came to be like this."
  "Sure." Ellie smiled awkwardly.

     They both walked into the front room and sat down on the sofa. The TV was playing an old episode of Who wants to be a millionaire. Jack turned to Ellie. "So what happened?"
  "Do you believe in Vampires Jack?"
  "No, I don't."
  "Well, the truth is that's what attacked me tonight."
  "No, it wasn't."
  "Yes, everything you thought wasn't real is wrong because the truth is I'm a Ghost."
  "No your not." He laughed, so Ellie rolled her eyes and jumped into his body. Pleased she had enough strength to do this, to prove a point.

     She controlled Jack to pick up the remote and turn the TV off. Silence happened. She then sat back down next to him. "You... I... We..." Jack was lost for words and she just raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to say something. "You're a Ghost." He blurts out.
  "Exactly." Ellie smiled.
  "That's amazing."
  "I know."
  "Your amazing."
  "Thank you." She laughed. "But the important thing is that a Vampire attacked me and I don't think I've seen the last of him."
  "Look, stay here, you can sleep in my bed tonight, I'll sleep on the sofa and we can talk in the morning." He paused. "You do sleep right?"
  "Yes." Ellie laughed. "And I don't want your bed."
  "Hey, I insist." Jack smiled at her.
  "Thank you." She said again.

    Ellie walked over to the door and took one glance back at Jack. "Night Jack." She said.
  "Night Ellie." He smiled and she then walked up the stairs slowly.
     As Ellie Lay in the bed, she stared up at the ceiling feeling distressed. She worried that the Vampire would sneak through the window, however as she pulled the blanket over her that little bit more things felt safer. Warmer. And eventually she fell asleep...

The End

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