Calla: Nervous HabitsMature

There was nothing quite so reassuring as the feeling of a dozen pairs of eyes upon you. I pushed my way across the floor of The Pig's Head, never faltering once in my six inch black heels. Radiating energy with every smile I threw in the pitiful faces of men less honorable than most.

People like me didnt belong in places like this. We craved the lights of the city, the glamour of clubs. Feeling so many bodies pressed together, hearts beating in time to the strobe lights and bass. The shadows strewn across the pub were dimming my shine. It was time.

It had been centuries since the Great War, and still we cowered in the dark like roaches. Still we hid from the mortals, as if they were so much more powerful. It was laughable, really. How they wasted their feeble lives away in routines, slipping into the ether long before their souls were reaped from their weak bodies.

Well, I could certainly rid the world of one tonight. The smell of vitality was profuse, seeping into my very pores. I could feel them surrounding me, practically begging me. And who was I to say no?

My violet gaze fell upon a shrouded figure. He'd just entered in through the back door; he was surely up to no good. Perhaps I could even do some charity work while I was out. One less scumbag to raid the earth of all she had to offer. I strode through the throngs with a purpose, fluffing my blonde hair and licking my lips. Slowly. Deliberately.

"Need some company?" I said in a heavy whisper, as soon as the figure stood before me. Even in my heels he hovered over me, face hidden well beneath his cloak.For good measure, I leaned in to press my cheek to his, kissing the tender skin just before the ear.

"Not from you, my dear Calla." The voice was all too familiar. Suddenly I stumbled back, eyes wide as the man threw back his hood. I took in his aged face, the long gray hair and vivid green eyes. "I learned many years ago never to trust a succubus." 

My surprised expression faded into a gentle smile. "You cant possibly be saying no to me?" There was no conviction in the words, though. Demrin Artuna had been my companion for many ages, through times more fatal than one could imagine. It was safe to say that he was the only person I'd ever truly put faith in. "Then again, I was rather relentless with you that night."

Demrin laughed a little. "I was certain you were going to tie me down and use my own spells against me," he joked. Only it was one of those jokes that's only funny because it was true.

The two of us, however unlikely a pair, moved slowly until we'd come to his usual back table. From there he could see everything, all that was going on within The Pig's Head. Demrin was the sort of person who was always watching. Waiting for something. I often wondered if it would ever come at all. If he wanted it to or not.

"There's a man at the bar you might try your luck with," Demrin mused. "He's looking rather tipsy, and I believe you're nearing the end of your patience."

The smile I gave him was crooked. "You do know everything, dont you?"

"I make it my job to know," he replied airily. When it became clear he would say nothing else, I pushed back my chair and rose once again. Muttering a goodbye to my old friend, I started off in the direction of the bar.

It didnt take much to convince the human pig to leave. A few witty words and the right placement of my hands, and he was practically running out the door. I followed at a much more leisurely pace, looking back to wink at Demrin. He only nodded once in acknowledgment, and then I was on my way.

The night was cold and dark around me, enveloping me in her arms. It was a familiar embrace, one I welcomed much more than that which would follow, wherever I might end up that night. But the stars were shining just so, giving me the feeling that something else was out there. Something much, much too big for me to understand.

The End

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