The True Enemy

Aria stood up slowly, and stared at what was unfolding around her. Death, destruction... how did it all come to this? Her friends, having come to save her, are now fighting to save themselves. Evie lay on the ground, practically forgotten, like a pretty flower is ignored by a majority of the world. Aria picked her up and whistled to her friends, telling them to follow her.

Everyone followed her, and they ran until they reached the throne room, but Aria immediately noticed something wasn't right: there were no guards here... the princes wouldn't be so blind to send the entire palace on top of her, n0t when there are far worse things in the world?

Everyone ran inside and the sight that greeted them was far from expected, nor was it welcomed: sitting on one of the thrones was a drow elf, wearing a darkened robe and a helmet that concealed his face. He practically breathed magical power, and it was obvious what he had done. Also in the room, eyes gleaming with anger, was Tsir, staring down the vile dark elf sitting on that throne.

"Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in with her." The dark elf stated flatly, not at all impressed over the small band of fighters and rogues that stood before him.

The End

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