The Sounds of Battle

Evie scrunched her eyes shut. 

The sounds of a battle surrounded hair, echoing off the stone walls, tunneling into her mind, never to be forgotten.

The tender squelch when a sharp edge found flesh, the subsequent moan of pain, or a voice silenced before it sounded were harrowing.

A girl 's voal chords heaved, as though she no longer had any energy to speak.

Even if she could bless for a thousand years, Evie would not be able to negate the horror of today.

Chainmail tinkled as the man inside collapsed against the hard ground.

"Evelyn St. Rose," Evie whispered to herself. She was Evelyn St. Rose, a sprite of the Rose ring, no matter how distant. "Evelyn St. Rose." She would never lose herself to unnatural actions like spilling the great mother's blood. NO matter how human.

"Evelyn St. Rose," she repeated to herself. "Evelyn St. Rose."

"Evelyn St. Rose."

"Evelyn St. Rose."


"Evelyn St. Rose."

Her eyes widened in shock.

"You have to help us, Shard's hurt. Aria is hurt!We need you to help!" Elian pleaded, blood dripping from a deep cut on his upper arm.

Evie shivered. She began to sing, her voice trembling like a perpetual see-saw. 

She closed her eyes again, on the peal of the last note. Her eyes fluttered open. She gasped, convulsed and collapsed.

The End

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