A Murderous End

Upon seeing the gash on Aria's arm, Evie began to hum. It started wordless, weaving its way through the throes of night and drawing energy from the prayers of children. And then she began to sing, a crooning well wish dipping and flying, a song not held within the constraints of reality.

Aria held her breath in wonder, watching her blood thicken, clot, scab and then disintegrate, leaving nothing but unblemished skin in its place. Evie's wreath turned an off yellow.

"Enough, enough," Ray pushed as the bells began tolling, an urgent clang, both nasty and ever-reaching.

"Run, run!" Aria got to her feet, her legs instinctively running. Ray followed after her and Evie, in a stroke of quick reflex, hopped on his back, riding him as though he were a fluffy horse.

Aria screamed in frustration. She banged futilely on the large wooden and cast iron gate, the last structure obstructing their freedom.

Ray skidded to a halt and Evie was thrown off, into the gate itself, heavily injuring her left shoulder. She yowled in pain and he grunted a quick apology as she began to sing hurriedly.

Her song had no effect. It wasn't the same, it was step off, a little too fast and a beat out of order. Evie closed her eyes, calmed down and tried to charm the song back into order. She stopped mid-note and collapsed. 

A crowd of soldiers surrounded them. 

"I feel all healthy and energised now. How about you, George?"

"Yep, glad the silly sprite healed all of us."

"Now, look at her," they jeered as they advanced closer and closer

The End

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