The Egyptian's gaze turned distractedly to the forest as they all waited for the cover of night. All his mind had been focused on was the young girl, Aria, his imagination working overtime to move her still picture. A small frown creased his lips as her eyes seemed focused away from him, those beautiful snowy irises. Tsir blinked, the mask that covered his emotions slightly cracked. His brow furrowed, why was he having these thoughts and feelings? Aria was just another charge...what made her so different? 

Tsir sighed, perhaps it was the way Anubis constantly nipped at his heels that drew his attention to the girl. Why would the god want him to so desperately protect, Aria? Too many questions existed for his ancient mind to answer without further investigation. He needed to see Aria, without the intrusion of the others. He needed to speak to her...examine how her mind and will was withstanding it's captivity and punishment under the reign of the two brothers. Standing, he gave no hint as to where he was going or what he was doing. 

"Hey, Tsir!" Shard shouted, beginning to get up. The Elf was much quicker, reaching out to grab Tsir's shoulder. Silver piercing eyes turned and froze Elian in his place, locking his muscles and limbs tightly into place without so much as a blink. 

"Continue your plan," Tsir said coldly "But do not concern yourself as to my actions." A small twitch tugged at the edges of his lips as Tsir's body melted into a black smoke, not unlike that of Anubis's. Sure it took great reserves of energy to use, but Aria...the curious girl, was worth it. His dark essence was carried on the wind, moving without any hint of sentience. Finally, the shadow reached the castle, pressing itself to the stone walls. No guard or noble noticed as the shadow slithered through a crevice and into the area where the cells were built. In one of them rested the young charge. 

Tsir materialized and stood there silently, not wanting to move or to breath, as if such motion would disturb the sleeping girl. A small breeze whispered by, causing his duster to flutter and the edges of his short black hair trembled. Tsir took a quiet step forward, placing his hand against the bars that separated them. Sure, he could have easily moved through the bars but he didn't want Aria to know about his least not yet. 

"Aria," his dark, distant voice called to her. Aria's fingers shifted but nothing else showed that she knew he was there. "Aria." his voice was a bit more firm as his fingers curled around the bars. The tattooed lettering on his arms began to burn brightly, turning the black ink into a bright white on his olive skin. A small sharp intake of breath, passed between his lips as he kneeled near the bars. It was just Tsir and her, alone. Finally, Aria's eyes slowly slid open, jolting her with shock as she noticed him. 

"Tsir?" she asked both confused and tentative. The man nodded, silver eyes glowing in the darkness that surrounded them. 

"I wanted you to reasoning behind my protection of you," Tsir started letting the words come off his tongue with a sort of reverence. His old accent mixing and tainting the language of their day, as if his words were satin. Aria cocked a brow at him, letting him look deep into her white pools. "Young one," he whispered, the ghost of a smile on his lips. "I am much older than my appearance shows. I was born in the twisting sands of Egypt...far from this land, in a time long forgotten. My true age is 3,693 years as of this year." 

Tsir paused hoping that Aria was still paying close attention so that he would not have to answer questions. Speaking this much was already weighing heavily on him. "I was cursed by the god Anubis, for destroying the royal burial robes I was sentenced to roam this earth. Protecting or killing those that the god desired me to. I was never to leave his charge unless he released me or...." Tsir bit his lip and shook his head, a deep pain constricting his icy heart. "The point is you are my charge you Aira...I am to stay by your side and protect you, until you either die or Anubis tells me otherwise." Unconsciously, Tsir's hand moved through the bars and reached out to hers. The scalding tattoo appearing from beneath his sleeve, it would not hurt the girl...only Tsir. The one who was curse. 

Under his breath he whispered softly, a hint of warmth and kindness tinging words meant only for his ears. "I hope you are the redemption I want you to be..."

The End

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