Anubis's Fury


The world around the Egyptian seemed to be darkening, animals fell silent and trees bent in the wind. Footsteps lightly padded on the trail leading towards the camp. Tsir recognized them as the elves, his nose picking up the iron smell of caked blood and sweat. Curious that the elf would go off to battle alone, but Tsir couldn't blame him for such a choice. He too enjoyed the riggers of battle on his own, facing down impossible odds only to escape unscathed. When the elf was finally within sight, Tsir noticed his clothes that resembled bloody and shredded rags. 

"What happened to you?” Shard asked also noticing the wounded warrior. Elian glance to Tsir, the Egyptian made no movements except to blink ever so slightly. 

“Ran into a troll and a shadow-spawn. The troll broke my arm." Tsir instantly noticed the mangled arm hanging limp at the elf's side. Sadly his powers only brought death, not healing, so he would be of no use. 

“Let me make you a sling”, Shard rose to aid the elf. Elian shook his head and took a seat next to the man. 

“No, no its fine. I can mend broken bones. It’s one of the few magics my people retain”. The campfire before the three crackled and danced, Tsir watched as Elian prepared to mend his shattered arm. He laid the arm out straight, held his right hand above the break and began to chant in the elven tongue. He slowly felt his bones knit back together and the wound heal over. Tsir knew that the process while not entirely painful was gruesome in it's own merits. 

A black mist began to creep around the the three, like a snake, slithering around their ankles. Tsir already knew what the mist meant, he was about to be punished...severely. The wind began to howl, tossing a chill over the three. Elian shivered and Shard drew his sword. Tsir simple stood and moved towards the mist's origin. 

"Whatever you do," he said, voice low and empty "Stay seated. You may hear screams...I do not know what he will do to me this time..." With those somber words, the mist retreated and pulled Tsir further and further into the darkening forest. The shadows around him grew teeth and lashed out at him, stinging his skin and splitting it open.

Blood trickled from the wounds, staining his clothes and trench coat. A loud snarl erupted next to his ear and Tsir froze, Anubis was right behind him and the god was pissed. A long, golden metal stake pierced through Tsir's stomach as the god pinned him to the ground. Silver began to pour from out of the wound, his blood was turning into mercury setting his body on fire from the inside. 

He grimaced and swallowed back a loud scream, his nails digging into the dirts and creating long, clawing trails. Anubis pressed a foot upon the back of Tsirs neck, his khopesh clattered from it's sheath and into the gods hand. It's shimmering blade resting lightly on Tsir's back. 

"I'm disapointed young one, I really am," The dog god growled, pushing the blade harder and harder into his spine. Tears streaked down Tsir's face and a small cry finally passes his lips, Anubis smiled, enjoying the torture. "I gave you one simple task! Stay at the girls side no matter what! And you know what she suffered with out your presence?! Humiliation, torture, serious injury and almost death!" The blade stabbed into Tsir's spine finally making him scream, a noise so sharp and cold it would freeze a man's blood in his veins. Anubis tossed Tsir's weapon away and removed the weapon that had been plunged into his stomach. 

Still the mercury fizzled in his veins, sweat dripped from his pores followed by the heavy splashes of tears. Anubis slammed a heavy foot into Tsir's ribs, cracking a few and causing a purple bruise to color his side. 

"You have one day to reach the Kole's castle, find, and comfort your charge. If Aria Kahner dies, I take your dagger and tear your face apart. Your accelerated healing will take weeks to fix such damage and there are no garentees that you'll come out without scars. Crows will pluck out your eyes and the beasts of the forests will feed on your insides. Imagine the healing behind such wounds! Now go, have the others of the group help you if you are too much of a whelp to move." Anubis snapped his long black jaws in Tsir's face, vanishing with the mist. 

The Egyptian wheezed heavily, crawling slowly across the ground to reach his bloodied weapon. The mercury that had once filled his veins, was now blood. A few of his wounds began to slowly and painfully stitch themselves back together. Using his Khopesh as a crutch, Tsir limped back to the camp, blood still coursing from his wounds. When his fellow comrades caught sight of him they rushed to his side and helped him to a bed near the fire. Tsir sharply inhaled and groaned, staying silent through their questioning. 

"We....have to reach the must leave now..." his voice was a weary whisper as he stood again. Elian shook his head. 

"You need to rest and heal!" Shard nodded earnestly. Tsir pushed the two away and began trudging down the path, toward the castle and Aria. She was now his only chance at redemption. 

The End

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