A Guest who Cannot be Anything Other

Evie and Ray were escorted to a room inside the castle. The castle itself was so large, that her entire sprite ring could live inside and not see a peep of each other for days. It was built to impress, she supposed, to emphasise the might of this particular kingdom, whatever it was.

"Stay here," a guard ordered. "Please."

Evie stared blankly at the guard until he left. The twiddly turrent was not as stable as the homes the great mother provided for her. She felt constricted by the stone walls that surrounded her. This was not how a sprite was supposed to live. This was a doll house at best.

"Well, that was interesting," Ray commented idly, as he parked his wolfy behind on a rug, not at all concerned about the human presence.

"You don't mind all the... humans?" Evie asked hesitantly.

"Not at all, I'm actually part human, didn't you know?"

"But you're not."

Ray looked a little put out by her blunt manner. "Well obviously, bright spark."

Evie grinned and lit up a psark at the end of her finger, she admired it briefly and then flicked it towards Ray. A strand of fur singed with a sizzle.

Ray pretended to take a  snap at her.  And paused unexpectedly. 

"Wait, why can't we leave?"

"The metal one told us not to."

"The guard? He didn't lock it though, I was listening," Ray flipped an ear up and wriggled it.

Evie shrugged. 

Ray leapt up and shook himself. "Anyhow, I'm gonna go exploring."


"You're not coming?"

"I'm tired," she yawned. She pointed towards her wreath, the previously lily-white flowers had become a shade of putrid brown. She edged towards the single bed which certainly looked a more comfortable resting spot than the places she had settled with for the past few days.

Ray bit down on the hand and pushed with his shoulder at the door, the well-oiled hinges gave no resistance and the door popped open without a creak.

Just as Evie began to snuggle into the sheets and the thick blankets, Ray sidled back into the room, his head between his knees.

"We're not allowed to go past the hallway." he said forlornly. He gave a snort and and continued, "Stay in your room, please. Is there anything you need, esteemed guest?" he rolled his eyes. "Give me a break, be glad I'm not hungry." Ray continued to rant.

And with the thoughts of their helpless situation in mind, Evie drifted off and began to dream of her comrades.

The End

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