A Simple Question


The young mercenary cowered within Tsir's shadow, while his eyes watched the man how he averted his gaze and kneeled. How could humans call themselves a master race, the superior being when they had thugs willing to take money or compensation to do anything? These men, Mercenaries, were nothing more than infectious cockroaches skirting around a normal life and preying on people who either couldn't or in Aira's case wouldn't defend themselves. How pathetic and weak of them to resort to such insolent and childish tactics. 

"Tell me where they took my charge." Tsir asked with a calm voice, his kopesh sheathed. The man, who looked no older than 24, shivered but put on a stubborn expression and shook his head. The young man's lips were tightly shut and it appeared that it would take coaxing for him to voice anything, let alone the information that was needed. Tsir nodded and withdrew the golden Ankh from behind his large coat, the mercenary stared at it with greedy eyes knowing gold sold well on the black market. The Ankh began to shimmer and glow in the sunlight as Tsir removed his trench coat and pulled back his sleeves. 

"I shall give you one last chance, young one. Tell me where they took Aria Kahner or I will resort to very...unsavory methods of information extraction. A hint of fear flashed behind the man's eyes when he looked away, hesitating before he shook his head and adamantly denied knowing anything about the girl who was his charge, his chance at redemption and freedom. No human, especially not one that lived off the under belly of this century's flee ridden carcass. Sighing, Tsir withdrew his Kopesh and allowed the bronze/gold weapon to hover in his hand. The mercenary, though on his knees, shied away from the blade and the soft glow it radiated. 

"Not a single person knows who I am, why I exist, or where I come from," the Egyptian mused, his silver eyes trailing across the nearby water. Fish were jumping from the blue river and creating tiny glimmers of momentary light in the sky. "I am an immortal, the eternal servant of the god of death. As my master he commands I find this girl and stay by her side, not to intervene unless needed. I hail from the sands of Egypt and by my power I will strike you down should you stand between me and my charge." Tsir's voice was calm and aloof as if he was talking about the weather or some simple not so important topic. The young mercenary's eyes widened skeptically.

"If you are the servant of a god, show me your powers." he taunted, Tsir noticed that the boy's hand was inching closer and closer to the blade at his side. Try and fail young one, he thought, sighing. The boy's fingers curled around his swords handle but stopped when his eyes locked on the tattoo written into Tsir's arm. Staring, the boy released his weapon and then looked into the Egyptian's silver eyes. Tsir hated using his Seer technique but this was an emergency, he needed to know what the Mercenary knew. 

Images flashed past his eyes of a lavish palace guarded by a multitude of and heartless men. Inside a beautifully adorned chamber sat two princes, one was good and had a kind heart. The other was a black haired man that seemed to leek an evil and greedy essence. Tsir stopped his ability, pulling all seeing eye out of the man's mind. 

"Thank you for you kindness and compliance," as Tsir began to turn around, the mercenaries dagger thrust through his chest. Backing away the mercenary starred, horrified, as Tsir pulled the blade from his chest. Black-ish red blood poured from the wound as Tsir's body stitched itself back together. His hands clamped around the merc's flimsy blade and bent it, dropping the crumpled sword to the ground. 

"What the hell?!" The merc cried out as Tsir suddenly appeared above him. The khopesh made quick work of the man, taking his head off in one short swing like a knife through butter. As Tsir wiped the blood off and sheathed his weapon, Elian appeared from the thick forest brush.

"They have taken Aria to the Palace of the Koles's brothers. I must reach her side and stay with her, no matter what she faces. It is my duty and she is mu charge." Hints of determination echoed in his voice as he and the elf stared towards the palace. Tsir pulled on his jacket, sheathed his weapon, and rolled down his sleeves. No one would stop him from reaching Aria...it was weird because Tsir felt something for the girl though he was unsure what such a happy feeling, that occured whenever he saw or thought about her, meant.  

The End

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