The Path that Finds its Own Way

Evie stared balefully at the remaining members of their troupe, all preparing for the search. She patted the anivamp, the only other member apart from Aria, who she felt a close kinship towards. 

With a silent stare, she said her goodbye. Without her doll, nothing tied her to this ragtag group. Nothing gave her motivation anymore, apart from the snow-white child whose very thoughts and actions gave her amusement. 

Evie took her leave, if mother nature wished her to meet her sweet doll again, it would happen. For now, she would trail the wilderness, going wherever it took her. Little did she know, that their reunion would be so soon.

Evie pottered along after animal prints, a butterfly, in the direction of the wind and further still. Along the way, hamlets cropped up more often and the scent of wilderness grew fainter. 

Before long she entered a grand gate, guarded by men in pompous armour. Soldiers marched by, clones of each other and unnatural at the very least. Evie blessed them, hoping they would find their way.

Commoners inside the grand construction stared at her, their eyes round with wonder. They pointed at her feet, the way her feet didn't even graze the ground and pointed at her wreath, withering away with fatigue. They pointed and pointed until Evie didn't notice it at all. 

A man with dirty blond hair stopped her in her tracks. He was surrounded by clones, holding vicious sticks with harsh metal extensions.

His face lit up, switching from a bored expression to one of interest and amusement. "What is a sprite doing here, inside my castle walls?" he questioned playfully.

"You claim ownership over the great mother's property. Shame on you."

"Insolent wrench! Pray His Royal Highness Prince Zoraan pardons your manners," a spear wielding clone thundered. 

"Oh! And her dog too," the prince grinned, ignoring his minion.

Evie turned, and Ray the anivamp stalked his way up to the party, placing his furry frame between Evie and the guards. He bared his teeth threateningly.

"He will not appreciate that, at the very least he is a wolf," Evie said in his place.

"Come!" the blond prince raised his voice heartily. "You are a guest of the castle!"

The prince swept his robes, and started to lead the way. Evie and Ray stood their ground, but the multitude of guards eyed them menacingly.

The same guard spoke up. "No other option is available to you, sprite. Nor your dog."

Ray eyed Evie despairingly. And they started to trudge their way after the prince. 


The End

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