Orcs, goblins? Or something greater?



They came closer shrieking incomprehensible words, and screams of excitement. They where to far away to distinguish but it was obvious they were not human. Could they be orcs, or goblins? Maybe something much worse that the seven shadows had dispatched against us. Yet they where not wearing any of the formal seven shadow's clothing but that meant nothing.  The anivamp Ray readied itself for battle assuming a stance that held lots of power and agility, Aria the young girl took out her thin edged blade. I brought my sword to the water which drew the water onto the blade and completely surrounded my blade. 

"Get back." I warned to the others as I brought my sword in front of me and our enemies began shooting onto the shores with their wicked faces snarling at us.  They stepped backed as I swung the sword and releasing the water that surrounded into a highly pressured attack that cut through rocks, and trees through its path cutting down various enemies as they ran forwards. Once the attack had crashed into the ground splinters of wood and rock flew into the air along with some dismembered limbs. The fairy cried in anguish at the destruction of nature.

The members of the horde that had survived climbed over the destruction and came with a vengeance angered by the loss of fallen members.  Behind the horde it was obvious that there much more and we were outnumbered twenty to one.

"We should get out of here." Ray said, I nodded in agreement.

I made a wall of water from the river while Ray started helping. Someone in this group of four was important, or very much wanted by someone who was willing to do anything to get there hands on them. My only questions was who and why?  Running after Ray, and Aria I could feel that it wouldn't be long before they break through the wall of water that I had casted. We needed to put some distance between them and us, as well as find out which one of us is getting hunted down?

As soon as I got to the other shore more of them came from the other side surrounding and cornering us. With the closer glance I saw that this horde was a group of races that was probably a group of mercenaries.

"We got nowhere to go!" Aria cried out.

"Then we fight!" I reply

Ray jumped out with claws extended into the first mercenary that came close enough. Aria moved with inhuman speed quickly taking down a mercenary while the fairy retreated out of reach of any of the mercenaries.

"Get the girl! A voice shot out from the horde of mercenaries.

"Not while any of us are is that gonna happen." I mutter under my breath slamming the flat side of my sword into some mercenaries heads bringing down my fist into the ground causing the earth to tremble as I force the earth to separate the mercenary's out draining much of my energy as I raise Aria , Ray, and myself slightly above ground while using water to deflect any arrows from hitting us.  We needed to get rid of those archers before one of us gets hit.

"Ray do you think you can get rid of those archers?" I yell only to here a growl before.

"Yeah if you two can keep them off my back!"

"Will do!" I respond crashing through mercenaries to get to Ray.

Across the shore the water wall I had created had fallen apart and more mercenaries where coming. We would be able to stand a chance if those mercenaries where to disappear but at this rate that won't happen. Aria, Ray and I were forced back to back unable to get to the archers as the mercenaries began to circle around us. 

Then out of the tree several archers fell and arrows flew from out of the trees striking fear into the mercenaries hearts.  Quickly I swung blade adding wind to the mix to blast them away. We had gained the upper hand temporarily from help from someone in the trees.  The mercenaries coming across the river we almost reaching out shore, but I already had a plan for them.  The water in the river began to rise as I concentrated on turning the river into one giant raging wave.  Up the river the mercenaries saw their impending doom as they saw white river rapids coming down. In seconds they where washed down stream leaving me breathless and tired. The mercenaries began a small retreat but something was telling me they would be back.

The End

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