Evie: The assault

Evelyn St. Rose belonged to the Seelie Court of fae folk. Sprites blessed and charmed as a representative for the great mother nature, they neither mingled nor consorted with any creature who carried a weapon. 

"Unseelie folk," Evie mentioned cautiously, tugging on Aria's hand.

Aria laughed. "No, I think they're friends. Comrades perhaps."

"We must leave," Evie flashed furtive glances at the orange-eyed man with the weapon. "He is not an agent of the great mother. His eyes are orange."

Ray bared his teeth, resembling a wolfy grin. "Hello sprite, Aria. You're human and we are well-meaning creatures, mother nature gave us green eyes but this man-"

"He can't be trusted," Evie interrupted, wringing her hands.

"Hey now, let me prove myself. I'm a fighter, a young girl with her fairy friend and pup will need a protector." The young man with orange hair ran an skilled finger down the blade of his oversized sword. He flicked his finger off, creating a musical ring off the edge.

"Anivamp," Ray corrected, rather annoyed. "Just you wait."

The fighter's words did not ease Evie's jitters. She was beyond agitated. Her posture leaned heavily away from the shore, although her slight build did not drag Aria along with her. "Come! I smell something bad!"

Aria humoured her small friend by tugging her hand, sending Evie motion-ripples. "He looks strong Evie, he'll help keep us safe. Right?"

"Right," the fighter assured confidently.

"Exactly," Aria snow-white eyes gleamed with excitement.

The wolf's head shivered, and he cocked his head at the trees. "I hear, I think I'm hearing-"

An inhumane voice shrieked a battle cry. The fighter unsheathed his overgrown sword and the anivamp snarled. Evie felt the her doll shake free of her grip and assume a fighting posture.

"I smelt it," Evie said weakly as the forest rustled and mean, unforgiving faces peppered the scrub as far as the eye could see.

Shaken, Evie cast a few protective charms on her new acquaitances and retreated. She quickly skipped over the wide water expanse and watched the horrific scene unfold in front of her eyes.

The End

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