Silver Eyes, Always Watching


The slow, quiet drum of boot steps against the ground was the only noise that proved Tsir was apart of the world around him. His eyes were distant, one hand at his side the other resting on his khopesh's pommel as it always did. The landscape around him had shifted from a sloping trail, to wrap around and meet with the river he had once overlooked. The trees trembled and spoke in hushed whispers as he passed. Tsir had a feeling that he was nearing his charge, the girl Aria. Again the tattooed words on his arm began to burn. 

"Closer and closer," he said to himself. The water next to him, foamed and lapped at the bank. It was a river teaming with life, he could see that. Turtles, otters, snakes, and a rainbow of multicolored fish crisscrossed under the waters hazy surface. Often shifting from a form to a dark shadow then melding with the blackness near the rivers bottom. Tsir let the ghost of a smile flicker over his lips before his face became stoic again. Life...such a fragile thing. 

The dirt path began to meld with a forest growing near the edge of the bank, Tsir moved through the twisting branches and wines of ivy with a feline grace, jumping upon a large out hanging limp. His jumps were matched to a perfectly timed rhythm, never misstepping or wavering in the slightest. He had no fears, no worries, just his charge given to him by the god. Tsir slowed and jumped down to the ground, making not a single sound when he landed. The river beside him had grown into a wide rapid, it's mouth  near the horizon was emptying into a large sparkling body of water.

Tsir listened intently for voices or even the slightest hint of movement, a sigh left his lips when he recognized a group of voices. They were ahead of him, grouped together. A small growl passed his lips, a group meant others he would have to deal with...possibly even kill and he wasn't in the mood for being the calm immortal he normally was, he just wanted to gain sight of his charge. He knew that for Aria, he would just have to trail her. This would minimize not only his interactions with her but would allow him to stay away from others that seemed to magnetize toward her. 

A large redwood was to his left and Tsir warmed at the idea of perching high above to watch, it made him feel important...purposeful. He walked underneath the lowest branch and swung atop it, moving higher and higher into the canopy. Eventually, the foliage lessened and shifted away giving Tsir an overseeing view of the landscape before him. The trees leaves shimmered in the sun and spilled light over a small group not far from the rivers edge. Sitting, he looked upon each one, examining them and logging them in his mind for later. 

First was the small child like girl, a sprite, understandable that a creature of healing would be drawn to a girl such as Aria. But some wounds, he knew, the creature could not heal. Ones hidden below the surface, covered by shadows of false happiness. The sprite wore a simple white dress, a tiny leather bag slung around her body. Brown hair framed a face with two green facets for eyes. 

Next was a was a sliver and white wolf, flecks of black sprinkled across his thick pelt. The animal wore human expressions on it's face as the group continued talking, he too had bright green eyes. He wasn't human nor animal, he could tell that from a distance. Tsir leaned his back against the trunk and continued to watch the group of four. 

Thirdly was a very tall boy, pale orange hair, and bright orange gem-like eyes. The man was fit and carried a curious sword that stretched almost the same length as it's owner. Ancient writing was scribed on the blade that reminded him of the hieroglyphics on his very own weapon. The man obviously was graced with magical abilities, though he seemed blind to most of them.

Finally his eyes came to rest on the fourth member of the group, Tsir knew that this girl was his charge. This was Aria Kahner. His eyebrows tilted slightly, his mind tried to ponder why such a lovely looking girl would wear the tattered rags of a peasant, dirt and grime coating the fabric...perhaps she was one. A poor girl who had lived the life of hardship on the streets, just barely making a living. From the look in her white iris's he discerned two things, one she wasn't the human that her mind deceived her to be and second she had lived through great losses in her life. Painful experiences that had molded her into the girl she was now.

He nodded, the snowy haired girl had been given to him by his god for a specific reason, though that reason now alluded him. For an hour, Tsir watched over them calmly. His eyes flicking up every now and again. Watching and reading the movements of the sun. What is this girl's destiny? What is planned upon her path? Death? Life? The many roads of her future stretched before him, too many to count. Deftly, his hand fell to the golden Ankh around his neck. 

"Aria Kahner," his voice an almost silent whisper, displaying his light accent. "I have been charged to protect you until you have either achieved happiness or have earned a noble death by my hands. I just hope that your loyal troupe can recognize your importance and not take it for granted as so many others before, have. My name is Tsir...I am always watching." 

The End

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