Aria blinked at the little girl in the white dress. "Are you... the person who saved me?"

The little girl just stared at her, not answering... in fact, it almost seemed like she was a little disappointed. Aria just took her silence as a yes. She smiled at her. "Well, you have my thanks. I'd probably be dead if not for you." She turned to walk away...


Aria's eyes opened wide. "Mine?"

"No, mine!" The girl stated again. It was at this point that Aria noticed she wasn't even touching the ground... the little girl was floating! Aria blinked in surprise. "You're still weak, doll. Stay with me... I will take care of you."

Aria couldn't help but smile. "That's very nice of you... but-" Then Aria noticed a wolf coming close to her. She stared at it, and smiled, but in a 'nice puppy, good puppy' kind of way.

It looked like a normal wolf for the most part, but when she looked at his eyes, she could see the thoughts behind them, almost like there was a human mind beneath that furry frame. He trotted up to her and lapped some of the remaining blood off her. Aria stared, not sure how to react.

"Oh goody, a puppy!" The little girl stated, and Aria could barely hold back a laugh.

"That, little girl, is a wolf."

"Actually, I'm an anivamp." The wolf said. "Name's Ray."

Aria nearly shrieked in shock. "The wolf... ju-just spoke... the wolf just spoke..."

"You weren't freaked out by a girl floating above the ground... so why is a talking wolf any less strange?" Ray responded, and Aria couldn't think of an answer to that remark.

"Touche," Aria finally responded. "Anyway, nice to meet you, Ray. My name is Aria... Aria Kahner."

"Such a pretty name," the little girl stated, as if savoring the sound of it. "I am Evelyn St. Rose. And you are my doll, Aria."

"Um... I don't mean to burst your bubble, but I'm human." Aria answered.

"Not like any human I've ever seen," A voice came from across the river, and walking towards them was a man with orange eyes and a HUGE sword. He looked into Aria's white eyes intently. "You're the first so called 'human' I've met with eyes like yours. There's almost an unearthly beauty to them."

"You are not the first, and most likely not the last, who have said that. And your eyes are pretty eye catching anyways." Aria retorted, starting to feel a bit worn down by all the constant visitors.

"You make a good argument," he answered. "Anyways, my name is Shard Decloak, and I have a feeling I'm meant to be here."

Aria's face suddenly got all flirtatious. "Are you hitting on me?" Aria had always been something of a hopeless romantic.

"Not sure." Shard laughed.

"Well, you can't have her, she's mine!" Evie answered, coming close to Aria and hugging her legs, nearly causing her to fall over.

Aria sighed, and actually couldn't help but play with Evie's hair a bit. "Well, from where I'm standing, I bet I could pick you up and carry you around... and you think I belong to you?"

"I know you belong to me... you washed up on the shore right in front of me... you were in pretty bad shape, so I fixed you... and you're so pretty!"

Aria blushed a bit when she heard that last bit, but the parts before it made her a tad nervous. There was no way I should have survived that fall... is someone watching over me? Aria looked at the three people around her, and for some reason, couldn't help but feel that someone was missing. Well, so far I have three people watching over me.

The End

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