Speed and Power


I sprinted through the forest, dodging trees and leaping over bushes. I sped up, pushing myself to the limit, then leaped in the air putting my arms out in front of me. No such luck. I was attempting to change to a wolf mid-jump, instead of just sitting or standing. I crashed down on the floor, panting. I needed a drink.Pulling out my flask, I looked around, then realised I had no clue where I was. Oh well. I took a long drink, only to find that it was water. Don't get me wrong, water was fine, but what I really needed to quench my thirst was what vampires were famous for. Blood.

Aware that I'd probably scared most of the animals off, I stood up and started walking. I wasn't long before I was feeling light-headed, but luckily just around the corner was a herd of deer. I hid behind a thick tree and waited until they had all their backs turned, then crept out and made a dash for the biggest.

I leaped on top of him and got it to the ground, then kneed it in the stomach and snapped it's neck. I smiled and licked my lips at the thought of all that blood. Bending over, my black hair dropped over my face, but I didn't care. With my nail, I slashed open it's neck and saw the bright red blood dribble down towards the ground, but before it hit it I put my tounge against the fur. I shivered in delight as I licked up the animals blood. I put my mouth to the cut and sucked it's blood until it was bone dry.

Most people thought I was being very cruel, but at least I'm not dinking human blood, and there were loads of other animals in the world. I reluctatly pulled away and traced the slash I made.It imediantly healed. It was one of the advantages I got as a vampire, especially an anivamp. I could heal anything, I never got cold, could see in the dark as easliy as in the day, but I could go out in the daytime and not get uncomfortable and definately not burn or turn to ash. Hah, when I read "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, I almost cried because I laughed so much! I turned when I was 16. You age for about six months then stop aging,but the strange thing is that for every human year, it's two vampire years. Our year is every six months, so to us, we age for a year then stop aging. I'm 168, but in human years I'm 84.

I stood up ad felt stronger straight away. I was ready to try again. I set off slowly at first, then built up my speed. Soon, I was full on sprinting through the woods. I felt a rush of power and leaped into the air for the second time, stretching my arms out. I felt my body burst through the forest into a clearing by a river, just as I grew fur, claws and ears. My senses immediantly sharpen as I landed. I'd done it! I looked around with my new wolf eyes and saw a girl. A girl in a white dress, sat down facing the blue tumbling river.

The End

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