My lungs burned,as well as my leg, but there was no way I could stop now. I still could hear my pursuers behind me. Above me I see the sun setting in the distant horizon. In less than thirty minutes my pursuers will be stronger and I will have to fight. Up ahead i could feel the moisture in the air, i was sure there was a river or some sort of water body. I just had to get there before that sun disappeared below the horizon. I clenched my fist around my brothers talisman before willing my legs to go the extra distance. I won't be brought done yet.

When i finally reached the river my legs were shaking from exhaustion and my pursuers began to slow their place sensing that I had stopped moving. Each breath I took felt like a million daggers but at least the air was going somewhere instead of just going straight to my legs.  Wind pushed out of the forest as my pursuers steeds came into view.  They wore a black and a symbol with the simple of the seven shadows visible on the sleeves of their cloaks.  The creatures that wore the cloaks were servants cursed or transformed by the seven shadows to do their bidding. Whatever they were before was gone and was replaced with darkness. I drew my blade expecting them to use some form of dark magic to catch me off guard.

As they approached I counted at least eight of them I need to act fast and hit them hard enough with the strength I had left. They all approached slowly much like a cat ready to appreciate every moment of their kill. I will not allow them to have such a satisfaction. Holding my sword in my right hand I raised my left arm causing the water in the river to rise up in an explosive force of energy and forced it forwards causing a tidal wave to go around me  catching my enemy's off guard. Dark spells flew everywhere in response to my attack but I was already out of the way of the danger zone and getting my first kill.  The blade cut cleanly through the servants abdomen blood flew through the air as my first kill became apparent to the other servants. Four of them jumped into the air their weapons drawn ready to cleave me in half. I forced water to hit them with such force they hit the ground leaving impact craters breaking their bones. That left three more of them and my energy was decreasing and none they hadn't had a chance to properly counter yet. 

I stepped out of the way as a boulder exploded shooting heated rocks into the air cutting leaving gashes on my face and arms.  Behind me I heard fast footsteps and the sound of a weapon moving through the air quickly. I turn around just fast enough to divert the path of the axe onto my right forearm cleaving the wooden arm guard and digging into my flesh. In  anger I drop my blade and punch the servant in the face with my left shattering its jaw bone, with my right I elbow it in chest forcing the axe out of my forearm.   One down two more to go.  I turn to see the other two pooling their energy's together to perform a summoning of some sort.

"To late guys." I says making a vortex of water that rip the two to pieces only to find out I'm to late and they make a successful summoning of a dark winged scaly horse.  Its red eyes met my orange its eyes opened in surprise. I took the opportunity to throw one of my knives into its strong torso. It stumbled backwards with little energy i had left I used the earth to cover my right arm healing the wound temporarily as I created and fist.  With the force or earth and my own strength I force the summoned beast back to its original place of being.  Still my right arm travelled through the air crashing into the ground, exhaustion filled my body filling it with lead, still a triumphant smile crossed my face. I looked looked ahead to see the horizon filling with a brilliant orange colour before the sun faded.  A feeling of duty filled me, I just needed to find what that was.



The End

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