Tsir: Immortal Muse

His name was Tsir. 

One brash decision and now he was trapped, struggling between life and death. Immortal, cursed to walk the earth through the changing times and serve the god he had unintentionally wronged so many years ago. That god, Anubis, know held a chain on his life and commanded him, like a General commands his soldier. Marking him and giving him an important task.

For 3,673 years he had done the Egyptian god's bidding. His charge was to search out those that the god of death and the afterlife spoke of. Bringing peace to their life and if commanded so, their death. Even in this flowering new century nothing ceased to amaze him, how adaptable humans had become and the inventions they created. Yet he looked upon them from a distance, his mind hearkening back to the place of his birth. A place nestled in the shadow of swirling sands, stone temples, and the construction site of the pyramids of Giza. 


Sitting on a large rock, his ears caught the roar of the rapids down stream. He had perched himself atop a stone overlooking a large waterfall. The bubbling water and breezes through the trees whispered to him, caressing his olive skin and rustling his trench coat. Tsir watched as the sun spewed forth waves of reds and oranges, a creature in it's throws of death...on morning's appearance, it would be reborn once more. The light caught on the golden Ankh, symbol of eternal life, hanging around his neck, making it shimmer and sparkle. His soft, intelligent, silver eyes blinked and a silent sigh escaped his lips. How many times have I watched the sun set and rise again...watched the birth of life and caused the kiss of death? 

"Death Bringer," a voice tickled into his ears but Tsir didn't move. He felt the words on his arm burn against his skin, reminding him of his duties. The black letters were scrawled if by a persons hand....a constant reminder. His proverbial iron shackles.

"No man. No god. No elder. No prince. What is the claim of age for ones who are immortal? What is a claim of power for ones who defy death? Call me your damnable hunter. We shall see whom I drag screaming to hell with me..." 

"I am here," he said, sounding distant. His mind still trapped in thoughts...the what ifs, the could be's and the could have been. It had been 30 years since the god had called upon him and a sense of curiosity flickered behind his eyes. He stood and the sheaths strapped to his waist shifted, jostled by the imperceptible movement 

"My child, soldier, loyal hound from my homeland," the voice began, the voice echoed around him though it was not imposing, more like the grasp of an old friend or a brother's flattery. "Another is in need of you." Tsir nodded, one hand resting on the hilt of his prized Khopesh. "Seek out a young girl, Aria Kahner, she is your charge. You are to follow her no matter where her feet take her. Aid her and guide her till she finds her place in this world or the next." Bowing, Tsir felt the presence  leave him, Anubis wasn't the god who enjoyed face to face chats let alone a quick conversation with his cursed hunter. 

"Aria Kahner," he repeated, still musing in his thoughts. The stars above him began to ignite and lit his path. Creatures of the forest dimmed their lullaby to a dull hum and he started walking down the long dirt path. His intuition told him the girl would not be too far from the river he had just overlooked.

Whoever this girl was, she was important to someone... he shook the thoughts from his head, focusing on his travel. Images flew to his mind; a young girl's tattered and bloody body on a river bank, another creature (with the glow of magic about her) tending to the girl, and the unmistakable glint of life in both their eyes. 

3,000 and a half years had taught him never to get his hopes up, over anything, but perhaps this girl might just be the one to bet on. She might be the first to escape her fate and find an existence worth living for. Tsir frowned a bit, if only he could absolve himself of his own past sins, allowing him to move on and actually experience happiness for the first time in his life.

But a nagging doubt still continued to fester at the back of his mind, she might just be like all the rest of his charges. Succumbing to their fate and in the end, their death by his hands. That was the way it had begun, that was how it was, and Tsir was sure that would not be the way to end his eternal damnation. No he was forever going to exist as the Immortal muse and hunter. 

The End

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