Dark... now with Vampires!Mature

Adam?” My hands were bound tightly behind my back. I tried to remove the blindfold with my shoulder in vain; the friction on my neck only irritated the bite. The bleeding had stopped, but the wound was on fire. I could feel my pulse in my head, slow but heavy.

Don't move” he said. “I'll come to you.” I could hear Adam moving over to my side, his feet shuffling slowly through broken glass and rubble. He leant down beside me.

What happened?” I stammered. With a sudden jerk, my blindfold was pulled down, and thick yellow light drowned my eyes like smoke. After a momentary fit of blinking, my eyes adjusted enough to see a blurred version of Adam kneeling beside me.

How do you feel?” he asked. My vision was becoming clearer and I could see that he was smiling at me. Then my memory caught up.

What do you mean, how do I feel?” I yelled suddenly, trying to move away from him. “You fucking bit me!” He clasped his cold hand around my ankle, and effortlessly pulled me back to his feet. He leaned into me, his face getting dangerously closer to mine, his bloodshot gaze unwavering. I cowered lower and wished I could melt into the cement floor.

What's it like?” he asked. His voice deepened with his stare.

What's what like?” I whispered. I tried to look away but he dug his claws into my jaw and wrenched my face back to his. He looked at me for a long moment, his eyes burning holes in mine. I wanted to speak, to plead for my release, but the words would not come. The fire was spreading through my skin, and I could feel the blood still pulsing through my veins; still slow, still heavy. Still alive.

It won't take much longer” Adam said, softly this time. He released the grip on my jaw, and I lay down on the floor. The cold cement was little relief for my skin, but my temperature rapidly became the least of my worries. I could no longer feel my pulse. My chest was still; I had stopped breathing. Then there was silence. I lay on the floor, flat on my back, blinking up at the ceiling. Everything had stopped, the fire was out. I felt nothing.

So” Adam asked, smiling again. “What's it like?”

What's what like?” I whispered.

Being a vampire.”

The End

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