Write a 500 word short story, and then rewrite the story with vampires. I hate my lecturer sometimes.


I could hear his voice but I couldn't see him. All I knew was the darkness, the pain, and a warm sensation trickling down my face.

Taylor, please... wake up, you have to wake up! They're coming...” He was suddenly silenced as a thunderous vibration shook the room, accelerating in intensity. Somewhere above the ground, a great force was shaking the earth like the stampede of a thousand elephants. The dust and rock showered us from the crumbling foundation above. As quick as the tremors had begun, it was over. I heard him crawling through the debris – he was closer now, and felt his cold, wet hands grasp my own. Everything was silent again, but for the sound of our heaving breathing.

Adam?” I whispered, thinking if I spoke any louder, the silence would certainly betray us.

They're coming back, I heard them... talkinghe stammered, struggling to stifle his fear. “At least I think it was talking. They sounded, strange.Adam moved closer and tried to prop me up against the icy wall. “Can you see?” he asked me softly. The blood and dust had done nothing to improve my eyesight. I shook my head.

We sat in silence for what seemed like hours. The pain grew stronger, and I could scarcely feel anything but my pulse thumping in my head. Never had I felt so helpless in my life, as the darkness seemed to only be getting darker. But as the lights went down, the sound turned up, and I heard them, unmistakably talking, if that's what it was?

Listen”. Adam perked up beside me. It was definite, they were talking. They were moving.They were coming back.

A chilling scream pierced my entire body, and before I could realise what was making the horrid sound, Adam had been ripped away from my grasp.

Leave him alone!” I cried, not knowing what else I could do. I lurched toward the sound of the attack, but as soon as I had come to my feet, I was dealt a heavy blow on my back, and sunk to my knees, crying out in agony. With another blow to my back I was down again.

For a while, I lay on the bloody floor, not aware of anything except the pain which had taken over all senses. Sometimes I thought I could hear Adam calling to me, but I could not do anything but listen to my own pain. My heart was pounding in my head, and my entire body was drenched with hot blood. Then everything was silent.

How long I lay lifeless I do not know, but when I woke up, they had gone. Grasping around for something to feel other than blood and rock, my hand touched something like skin.


I felt his wasted body with my fingers. I whispered his name one more time, knowing he would never answer me again.

The End

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