Dare to Hope

Teresa sat with her eyes glassy, staring into the void of nothingness that would be her future. No emotion could come. Only emptiness .

Fog covered her heart and soul and ice spread through her veins. The final strike of the gable echoed around her hollow head. Unable to breathe, let alone move she felt her body being dragged away while she fell still deeper into her own dread. She dared not to look or hear in fear of seeing the pity, sorrow and putrid hate that seeped towards her, smothering her. A single though thrust itself out of the darkness,

'Would it hurt so bad if i had not have dared to hope'

She thought her team had done it, found that crucial piece of the puzzle that would prove her innocence. She thought her plead would be enough to tug at the heart strings of the jury, instead it just drummed the keys of the organ for her own funeral.

She closed her eyes tightly as tears started to overflow and the lump in her throat threatened to choke out her air. She would not give them the satisfaction of seeing a condemned woman cry for her life. They judged her wrongly, everyone did.

She had already lost so much was that not enough?
Must they take everything from her? including her life?

They could lock her up and call her an offender, murder her and call it justice. But they could not take her freedom, they could not control her. She was still free to love and think, to pray and hope some miracle would storm through the door of hall announcing to the whole world that she was innocent. That she could not have done it. That she had just as much right to live than any of those who sentenced her.

Her heart was beating fast now, causing havoc with her brain. She couldn't think, only do.

She felt her arms slip free and her body float through the air and crashing through a set of doors


There was chaos everywhere. Colours flying.


Silence fell, crushing her just as much as the body colliding with her back.
Darkness fell again.
Teresa felt herself falling through the cavernous tunnel of night.

She floated suspended in time. Unable to move, unable to think, unable to feel nothing but numbing relief. She was gone in her own world of innocence and hope, love and peace. She could lay there forever, never thinking never feeling. Never again having to face the cold hearted monsters bent on bringing unjust justice upon her.

But it was not to be,

She felt a tugging, a beating. Not even in afterlife could she be free from her personal hell.

Whispers of ghosts, long gone from her memory rose like waves to come crashing down on her shore of jagged terror.

Slowly, she felt the storm ease, and the sun rose in the distance with the clang of the buoy lost at sea subsiding.

come back to me,
the jury was bribed.

You're safe now.We won'

The End

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