Bethany West looks normal!

My phone rang and I practically sprawled across my desk to pick it up. I quickly composed myself before answering: 'Hello?'

'Hi, Dani? It's Matthew.'

'Oh, hi Matthew.' There was a kind of awkward silence as I wondered whether he was actually going to say anything. '..Did you want something?'

'Oh! Yeah! I was going to ask whether you had the lab homework..'

'I don't do lab.'

'Oh yeah. Erm, so I'm going to have a look around town on Saturday, I have to buy a birthday present for my mom but she's really hard to look for and I was wondering..' I looked up as one of the maids knocked lightly on my door and peered round.

'Your father wants you to come downstairs Miss Richards.' I really hated when they called me that, but I nodded and got up to leave.

'Look Matthew I'm really sorry, I have to go, can I talk tomorrow?'

'Yeh, sure, bye.' I felt a bit bad for leaving Matthew like that but I needed to be prompt. Whenever I got called downstairs it meant Dad had somebody to visit and I had to be the perfect daughter. Which meant coming when I was called, and smiling and telling everyone about my progress at school and what I wanted to do when I was older. Usually they were really weird old people. I tried to rack my brain about who Dad had told me was here this time. Not the embassador, that was two weeks ago...somebody from the team? A rookie? Young? I think so.

I stepped into the lounge and Dad introduced me to a 'Miss Bethany West. She's on the team, just started.' Ah, I did remember rightly! She shook my hand and I knew what was going through her head. I did look very spoiled, it had to be said. But I was interested. I mean, this girl was fresh out of uni. That would be me one day- I had to take notes. She seemed really genuine, and actually normal. Maybe I could keep the crime solving up...I mean, if she could keep her cool and live an ordinary life, why couldn't I?

The End

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