tracing calls.

Twelve twenty. Possibly the latest I had woken up ever, thank goodness it was the weekend. My head was throbbing and I saw little dots all over my room. Unless Tess had come charging through my bedroom with a paintset, this is what a hangover feels like. Ow. Ow ow ow.

I sat up in bed with difficulty and scrambled for my phone, which was buzzing. One missed call...voicemail. I stared at it blearily and pressed "yes", or a button that looked like "yes". Despite feeling as if a mole had tunneled into my brain, played heavy metal and then tunneled back out, I did like voicemails. On CSI they always traced the calls. I know that this was hardly the same: this call would probably lead me to somebody from the party asking if somebody had picked up their jacket rather than a lead in a murder case. But still.

'Hi Dani it's Clara.' Ok, maybe I wouldn't have to trace this call. Did I want to keep listening? I was still a bit mad at her...but then it wasn't her fault. Unless she'd kissed him, in which case, yes it was her fault and I had reason not to talk to her. But for now, I suppose I could hear her out...

'I am so sorry I didn't see you last night, I was in the kitchen and then you and Tommy...well you were in the lounge and I was dancing and then you disappeared. I thought you had to go to the bathroom but I asked and Georgia said you hadn't said bye. So I worried. Please tell me you're alright.' Hmm. I'm not exactly alright. I'm alive, but there's a difference.

'Look about this thing...he said he'd talked to you about  it and I was like, what the hell? Because you like him. So I said no, because that would just be really weird. I mean, I thought you wouldn't like it. Please call me back Dani. You're my best friend, you know I wouldn't let some guy come between us. know where we stand on Orlando Bloom, but apart from that...' I couldn't help but laugh a little at that bit. She hadn't kissed him...I felt marginally better. I mean, the guy I liked had the hots for my best friend instead. And I was president of Hangover City. But I was as good as I could be under the circumstances. I dialled immediately.

'Carla how the hell do you shake off a hangover?'

'YOU'RE SPEAKING TO ME!!!' I held the phone at arm's length.

'My God, Carla. I just said I had a hangover. Shrill isn't going to help.'

The End

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