Danielle Richards is a bit hammered.

I stumbled home. Oh no, it couldn't be...it could not be midnight already. My curfew was eleven thirty. Crap crap crap. Dad would kill me. And all because of stupid Georgia's stupid party. Craaaap.

Tommy had looked really good and he was all happy to see me and Carla arrive. And he picked me up in a hug like we do when we meet out of school but he seemed to hold on a little longer than usual. He wasn't drunk either. We were having such a good time and then Carla got the beers and I knew what was coming.

'Don't worry, Dani, I'm having some too. I'll only give you like a small amount. Ok?'

'Fine. But you're carrying me home if it all goes wrong.' I laughed as I took the paper cup. Carla had kept true to her word and it was only a tiny bit. And it wasn't half bad either...I was a little light-headed but not hammered. And then we were dancing and talking and it was generally going really well. And then me and Tommy were talking and...

'Do you think I should go for it?' He looked me straight in the eyes and I felt a tad melty. 'Because I really like...this girl...and we're good friends and I think she likes me back.'

I bit my lip in excitement and grinned. 'I think that is absolutely right. I think the girl does like you.' And I looked at him and thought, right, here goes. My first kiss with Tommy Spencer- because I've kissed guys before. But the first kiss is never like they say, it's not memorable and cute. My first kiss was Robbie Weller, when I was fourteen. He was...well. Looking back it's a bit embarassing. But like I said countless times before, Tommy really was something special.

'I will. I'm going to do it. I'm going to ask Clara out.' And he shifted off Georgia's sofa and went off and I sat there in shock. I wanted to run into the toilets and burst into tears and list all the bad things in my life. But that wasn't going to solve anything, so I did something equally stupid.

Which explains why I was half an hour late back home. Because I was a bit hammered. And Tommy liked my best friend. Ie not me. And she was my best friend, so if anything happened I'd have to pretend that it was absolutely fine. I can't hate Clara: it's not her fault, she's just pretty and funny. And loose. No! I didn't say that! She's my best friend!

Well not that it matters much anyway, Dad is going to ground me like there is no tomorrow.

The End

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