Tommy is too oblivious to solve crimes.

I sat next to Tommy in homeroom. Gosh, I loved his hair today, it was all windswept and wavy. He didn't have to do anything to his appearance,which relieved me because I would never want to go out with a guy who was image-obssessed. But no: Tommy was something different. Funny and good looking and...

totally oblivious.

I could not see Tommy as a good investigative officer. The terrorists would have to spell it out to him. Not that he was stupid, because he really wasn't! I mean....erm. What do I mean? I could hear Clara's voice in my head: 'You mean you've got it baaad. And you should ask him out! You're good friends, why not?' I knew exactly why not: because we were friends. End of. Sigh. Though the other day he said my hair looked nice...which was probably just meant as a friendly compliment. God, Dani, get a grip. Tommy looked over at this point and I quickly covered my face with my hair, flicking my fringe about to hide the fact that I'd been staring at him for the past ten minutes. Okay, it wasn't the most effective technique but it came naturally. And besides I am only sixteen: with any luck I'll have grown out of it in a few years.

'Hey Dani,' I jumped. I'd forgotten where I was, too busy discussing my crappy flirting methods. 'Are you going to Georgia's party on Saturday?'

'Uh..yeh, why?' I smiled. Appear natural, appear confident. They like that, right? Oh great now I sounded like some column in Marie Claire or something.

'Just wondering. It should be fun: did Clara say she was bringing beer?'

'I hope not.' I groaned. It was really hard being helplessly attractive whilst condemning alcohol, maybe I should go along with it. 'I'm just worried she's going to get me drunk.'

'Don't worry, I'll look after you.' I felt my face literally melting. But in my defence that is very chivalric of him...not that I need looking after. Gosh. DoI appear really weak? I mean, I like to think I'm pretty strong. But not like overly strong, like one of those bodybuilders, ew. to handle things. Yeah, that's right. Right? Oh I don't know! Get out of my head Tommy Spencer!

The End

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