First Encounter

For many years I have been taught that humans were bad. My race has always been known to disreguard them for their disobedience. As time past and I matured, I learned more and more about humans and heard of more and more encounters. As for myself, I have never met one. They look exactly like us, but without pointed ears.

As days past, I knew that the day would come when I would finally meet this forbidden race, but when it did, I wouldn't know what to do.

Our small village was placed in front of two mountains. All around us were open meadows where animals roamed and where a small stream flowed. On top of the mountain was where the we worshiped our Goddess Maria; where it is said she built a spring so that we might live at the bottom of the mountain where she could watch over us.

Everything was peaceful. We grew our own crops, we bought only what we needed, and everyone was happy. We lived a peacefull life away from everyone else, until a human came one day and ruined everything.

"What's your name human?" I asked as I appraoched him cautiously. I had been alone on my morning stroll across the meadow until I saw this man.

He was sprawled out on the grass with cuts and bruises all over his body. His clothes were torn and he barley looked conscious

He grumbled something before closing his eyes and passing out. After a few minutes of examining him, I finally decided it was safe to touch him. His skin was a bit darker than mine but it was just as soft and I felt his ear to make sure that he wasnt an elf and that he was indeed a human.

I stood up and looked around and decided to hid him in a save place. Nearby were some boulders that were close enough to drag him behind and hide him completely. I dragged his body behind the rocks and ran back to the village. I brought a cloth, some food and some clothes and put them in a bucket. I hurried back to the hiding spot and set everything down and went to fetch water by the nearby stream.

Walking back, the human had not movied, probably because it had only been a couple minutes. I soaked the cloth in the water and gently clreaed his wounds. When they were all crean, I ran my hands across them and felt my hands get warm as there was a slight green glow. I sent a silent prayer to the Goddess and looked back at the closed wounds. I smiled and thanked her for her gifts and sat there for a little while more.

When the sun had begun to set, I went home wondering if I had done the right thing, but by the time I got home, I knew that what I did was right.

The End

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