Dangerous Revolution

A group of elves has banded together in hatred of the humans. They have begun kidnapping humans to further their heinous crimes. Can humans and the human-friendly elves band together to stop this monstrosity?

In the beginning there was Maria. She created the skies and the earth, the seas and everythingi n them. After creating the universe she looked upon her earth, filled with animals, birds and fish. But nothing sentient, nothing she could converse with. And so, she decided to create a race of beings, Elves.

The Elves lived in perfect harmony with Maria. Living in her blessings and her glory. When one day an Elf didn't want to play second fiddle to Maria. He lost his pointed ears and became a Human.

As time progressed there came to be two races. The Elves and the Humans. But Maria always holds out her hand to the Humans, to come back and become Elves.

The End

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