A Selfish PursuitMature

Hiya folks, my "name" is Starwarsfreak117, and welcome to this admittedly self-centered project. 

The other day I was talking to a writer friend of mine. You may know her on here as Stargazer. And I was complaining, as I am oft to do, about my lack of motivation. I love to write. As a matter of fact, I plan to be an english teacher. So it's kinda bugged me that I haven't been taken writing as seriously as, perhaps, I should. So I decided to find some accountability, and who better to keep a writer in check, than other writers (that's you)?

I'd like to think I'm not the only one struggling with something like this, so rather than keep this among my circle of nerds (you know who you are), I figured I'd try opening it up, in case there were others who wanted to participate. 

So here's what I'm trying to do: Post a new prompt every day, and write. Pretty simple stuff. No time limits, no word limits, none of that: just write. 

If you'd like to join me, I'd be thrilled. Use my prompt, or bring your own! Just, whatever you do, make sure to include your prompt at the start of your chapter so if someone (me) wants to know where you started (a.k.a so they (me) can steal the prompt) they can. 

And maybe yell at me, if I haven't posted anything in an arbitrary amount of time. I'd appreciate that.

So yeah. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this little project. I'm hoping it helps someone! 

Happy Writing!

P.S. I was hoping to kick this off WITH an initial prompt and response, but am finding myself a little behind schedule, so I might use this as my writing for the day.

That counts... right? 

The End

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