Assorted daily writing prompts. Scenes, bits of scenes, some might have characters I use, some might be new characters.

Rusty took the four coins in hand and tossed them up in the air.  Three landed on their stars, one landed on sticks.

He glanced up at ensign he was playing against.  "Pass?"

He nodded and Rusty added another credit chip to the pile before him.  He waited until the other man added another credit to his, though he didn't look happy while he was doing it.  He picked up the four coins again.  Shaking them in his hand, he said, "C'mon...duals."

He tossed the coin again and they landed, two on stars, and two on sticks.

"Yes!" he said, and scooped up all the credits.  The Ensign looked dejected.

"That's what you get playing against the master," Rusty said, laughing.  "Who's next?  Who wants me to clean them out?"

"I'll take you on, Chief," said a voice.

The crowd parted, and the Security Chief stood at the edge of the bulkhead.  Rusty snarled.  "Busted, huh?"

"If I win, you're busted.  If I lose, you pack it up and I don't report to anyone about the illegal gambling that's going on here."

Rusty appraised the old man.  He never gambled unless he knew he was going to win.  And Rusty was well-known for being lucky.

"You know how to play?"

"It's called Coins," said Hawes, kneeling on the hard metal floor.  "You toss coins until you get all four face down on one picture or two up, two down.   All four up or down means the tosser loses, and two up, two down means the tosser wins it all."

"And if you pass the toss, you add more to the pile in equal amounts."

"If you don't pass, it's optional."  Hawkes held out his hand.  "Give me the coins."  He took them from Rusty, placing one credit on the floor.  Rusty put one down as well.  He tossed.  Three staves down.  "Pass?"


Hawkes gave Rusty the coins.  Rusty added a credit and waited.  Hawkes added a credit too.  Rusty raised an eyebrow, and went shook the coins, then tossed them in the air.  Three stars down.

This went on for some time, the two men not passing, but still adding credits to their piles.  The crowd had gotten thicker, watching as the coins went in the and exhaling as they'd land.

The pile of credits was considerable, at least two hundred worth, when Rusty tossed his coins.  He watched his coins in the air and made a grunting noise before they even hit the deck.  

All four stars were down.

"Damn," he hissed, and pushed his credits over to Hawkes.

Hawkes made a beckoning motion.  "And your winnings, Chief."

"Oh, come on!"  Grudgingly, he pushed the credits over.  As a consolation prize, he got to keep the coins that made him lose the game.

"You know what the fine is for illegal gambling," Hawkes said, getting up.

Rusty got up from his knees also, hissing as they unlocked.  "Yeah, yeah, put it on my tab."

*** 82***   Many sci-fi novels feature games invented by the author for the characters to play. Write a scene in which your characters are playing a game. Don’t try to decide what the rules are before you start writing; invent the rules as you go.

Grant, Laura (2012-10-01). 101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers, vol. 2 (Kindle Locations 394-397). Desk & Chair. Kindle Edition.

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