Daemon's Notebook, Author: Doctor Krystal MacKealan

Translated from its original state of Navajo phonetically written Sanskrit. Then put through a degrading cipher on the words. Written to contain technologies from circa 2009 in Pokemon World as a form of scientific journal. It just has been knocked back in time, to roughly the year 1975 or 1976.

Colours: Kanto Cities


For Kochanski Spectrum and Lucille Mackealan. I feel I have failed you.







This is a journal containing various scientific advancements in the field of Pokemon Research.

All events, devices and technologies in this digest are fictional. Any relation to real persons, places or trademarks be them living or dead, is typically a call out to that person to give them props or tease them purely coincidental.

PBNS: 3-0-13379-009561

(cc) 2007 Spectrum Labs, Krystal Spectrum, NIMH Labs, Catalina Payne. Attribution and Share alike.

The End

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