CYOA: The Time Remote

Choose Your Own Adventure: Time Machine

Just like the books, we are writing from one character's perspective as he/she travels through time.

Where will you take him/her next?

"I have exciting news to tell you," the professor says to you. When you prompt him with a nod, he continues, "I have invented a time machine."

You laugh out loud ... literally, waiting for the rest of the joke to come. When it doesn't, you ask, "Are you serious?"

"As serious as a migraine headache," the professor replies. He takes a device from behind his back. "I call it the Time Remote."

It is sort of shaped like a TV remote, and it has buttons like one as well. There is also an LCD screen at the top. A strap was attached to the underside.

"Here, put it on," the professor says.

"Is it safe?"

"Sure," the professor says in a hurry. He has never given you reason to doubt him, so you put it on. "Let me tell you how it works."

He clears his throat and continues, "You simply choose how far into the future or the past you want to go. The approxamite time will show on the LCD. Press the red button, and anything in contact with the remote will travel to the date you specifiy."

"I can go to anytime?"

"Mostly. The future isn't written in stone yet, so the future you visit will only be a possiblity of what will happen. Be careful with the past, though. You can mess up history really easy. Oh, and one more thing: there is also a random feature. The remote will take you to some unknown time. That can be fun, right?"

You smile, though you aren't sure if you believe the "fun" part. He continues, "You won't get lost in time because there is a Home button. It will return you to the present, which is always ticking away, so don't stay away too long. Now, be off with you. I want to hear about all your amazing adventures soon."

The End

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