Hopping Works

You continue to hop. It seems to work for you. 

 Finally, the two of you make it out of the woods. You see a pickup truck in a nearby parking lot.

"Well," the stranger says, "that's my truck. Do you want me to give you a ride or should I call someone?"

Just a few minutes ago you would have probably asked for him to call someone, but for some reason you trust him.

"You can give me a ride. That ought to be faster. Do you have a cell phone?"

"Sure do," he says, getting it out of his pocket. "It would be a good idea to let someone know where you are going to be."


Your parents meet you in the emergency room of the nearby hospital. You can tell by their expressions that everything is going to be all right. Much to your surprise, Brad and Lindsey are there as well.

"I saved the tent," Lindsey announced before even greeting you. She smiled. "And, yes, I am glad you are okay, too."




The End

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