Remain silent.

The rustling in the leaves scares you and you don't dare open your mouth.  If it's someone or something that wishes you harm you know you will not ba able to defend yourself.

Remaining absolutally still you stare at the bush, waiting for something to appear.  You hear footsteps and a figure comes crashing out from the bush.

'There you are.  I thought I had heard someone shouting.'  The man is wandering around like he is lost too and you are not sure he is the best person to help you.  'You were the person that was shouting, weren't you?  Or have I just made a total idiot of myself?'

'No that was me,' you say.

'Excellent, so what seems to be the problem?'  The man comes and sits down next to you looking at your broken limbs.

'I had a fall and I think my arm and leg are broken.'  You motion towards your left hand side.

'Ah yes... well... right.'  The man stands up again, looking down at you nervously.  'I suppose we need to get you to a hospital.  Do you want me to help you?'

The End

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