Try to crawl towards shelter using your right arm and leg...

You push yourself over onto your belly with your right arm, then push off towards shelter with your right leg. You put out your right arm and pull yourself towards a nearby bush. You repeat the cycle until you finally reach the bush. You roll into it and sit there for a moment just letting the water drip off the leaves and onto your clothes.  You take deep breaths. At least the storm had stopped.

You sigh and realize that you have to yell for help, you can't crawl all the way back to Brad... so you begin to yell, "HELP! HELP!!!"

You feel tears come to your eyes and you yell louder. Suddenly, you hear the sound of footsteps...close...very close. You look over to the left and see a figure standing over you. You look up and see a man bend over and say, "I thought I heard yelling...what happened?"

"Long story," you reply, "but my left arm and leg are broken..." You notice that he is covered in mud and looks lost. But then you spot something peeking out on his's the barrel of a gun! You begin to realize that maybe this man is dangerous.

"I need to take you to a hospital." he bends down to pick you up, but you push him away, "Boy, you need to go to a hospital."

" I'll find my way out of here..."

The man starts to insist on taking you.

Do you...

The End

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