Shout Back "Lindsey?"

You call out, "Lindsey?", timidly at first. You take a step forward, only to hear another scream.

"Jimmy!" The hoarse cry chills you to the bone, and you begin to run, yelling "Lindsey!"

You keep hearing your name being called and you move fast.

You trip over a root and fall face-first into a muddy puddle. But that doesn't detour you much, and you get right back up, numb to the pain you should be feeling.

This time you just hear a terrified scream and it stops you cold. It begins to rain again. But this time it's just a light sprinkle.

"Lindsey!" You call one last time. Nothing.

You begin to lose hope and sit down in the mud. It's hard to tell with the rain and all, but you're crying. Soon your tears turn to sobs.

You've been sitting there for an hour or two, and you're pretty exhausted. With no food in your stomach, your body doesn't have enough energy to remain conscious.

You pass out.


When you wake up, ...

The End

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