Go back to catch up with Brad

You turn around, praying that you don't end up lost.

When you reach the fork in the path, you take the side Brad went  on to.

"Brad!" You shout, hoping that he's okay.

"Hey, Jimmy. I was just turning back to find you."

You smile at each other, glad your both okay.

"Any luck with finding Lindsey?" Brad asks. You shake your head.

"We should head back to camp. She'll be alright," Brad says. You nod and together you walk back towards camp.

When you're about a football-field's length away, you hear a scream. You pick up the pace and begin to run.

In the small clearing you've used for camping grounds, Lindsey is cowering behind a tree.


There are raccoons rummaging through your stuff.

You begin to laugh and chase them away.

"Jeesh, Lindsey. What's with all the screaming. They're raccoons. They won't hurt you,"  you say jokingly.

"Shut up," she growls. Next thing you know, you have a shoe thrown at your head.

All three of you begin to laugh harder. You're just glad Lindsey is okay and the group is reunited.

Unfortunately, you weren't able to save the tent.

But oh well.



The End

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