Take the path to the left

You call out Lindsey's name to the darkening, imperturbable forrest, your voice gently sloping into a squeak. "Lindsey! Get back here now! The tent isn't worth staying out here!" You holler through the silent crowd of trees, wishing she could hear you. Something bristles in the pines in front of you, and your breath darkens. A tear runs down your face, and you dejectedly sit down "criss-cross apple sauce" like kindergarten. you begin to cry harder. "Come and get me!" you shout to the forrest, a wailing tone overtaking its echoes. "Jimmy?" you hear a female voice call in the distance "Jimmy!" it shouts again. "Jimmy where are you?"

You are overcome with a tide of elation that quickly recedes.  Lindsey has always called you Jim.

The End

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