CYOA: Lost

Choose Your Own Adventure: Lost
Remember those books when you were a kid. Maybe you are kid now. Well, read one, write one ... have fun.

You are excited about the upcoming camping trip with your two best friends, Brad and Lindsey. The three of you have been planning this trip for some time, and the day has finally arrived.

Your bags are packed. You have made sure that you have brought enough clothes. You enter your parent's room, asking, "Where is the travel toothpaste?"

"I packed it for you. It should be in your bag," your mom replies. You check and sure enoough, the toothpaste is just where she said it would be.

There is a knock on the front door. You answer it. It is Brad. You can see Lindsey get out of the car at the curb. You greet Brad and wave at Lindsey when she looks your way.

Brad and Lindsey are twins - not identical, thank goodness. You have known them since you were in kindergarten. Every year the three of you go on a camping trip. This is the first year, though, that you all have been allowed to go by yourselves.


There is a bad rain storm the first night of the camping trip. "This is just great," Lindsey says, trying to keep the tent from blowing away. She is getting wetter with each second. Finally, the tent gets away from her, blowing into the distance. Soon, it is beyond the tree line, and you can't see it.

"That tent is expensive," Lindsey says, running off toward the line of trees in the distance. "I have to go get it."

Both you and Brad protest, but she is gone before either one of you can get to her. Both of you run after her. You come up to fork in the path.

"I think we should split up. You know what your parents will say if something happens to Lindsey."

"Don't forget what they will say about the tent," Brad replies, trying to make light of the subject. You get his joke, and laugh.

You take the path to the left, and Brad takes the path to the right. You walk on a ways, and then you come up to another fork in the path. Will you go right or left? Or, will you turn around and try to catch up with Brad?

The End

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