Studying with a stranger...could be worse

After a bit I landed, feeling awkward about flying when the person I was traveling with wasnt. I wasnt looking forward to the next class, I hated it when we were required to do magic.

"So... how do you like the school so far?" I asked to take my mind of it.

"Its alright." Penelopy replied. She fidgeted with the sleeves of her sweatshirt. No one else was wearing such baggy clothing, it was a beautiful day out, and I was sure her wings wanted to stretch out.

"Why do you keep them covered?"

"Keep what covered." She was on the defensive now, playing coy.

"Your wings." I gestured behind her. "Are they broken or injured in some way?"


"Are you molting?" It wasnt the right season, but maybe her feather clock was off.

"No, leave me alone." She backed away a few steps. I frowned, I didnt understand, but then again, I didnt understand a lot of things, so I smiled and shrugged.

"Okay, our classrooms right here." I pushed the door open...

The End

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