Hidden Darkness


Views on my new friend.... Well, she was quite odd. If I spilt anything I'd barely get chance to fetch anything to clean it up before she was doing it for me. She seemed like a nice girl though. Of course being a Skylight she was an awesome flyer which I watched from the sidelines with my wings tucked beneath my clothes and my tattoos all hidden.

I wasnt allowed to fly. That would show who I was. Which is when I saw him. Another Nightwing. He passed through the hallway with nothing but a brief glance towards the top of the gym where the others were flying. Then he left and I felt a tug. No, it cant be. I found myself thinking. Then without thinking I raced after him but all I found was him walking away from someone I did not want to see at this school but knew I would.

Quin Davies. He had visited the palace a many of times. He was confident and well spoken. Yet, he made Penelopy's skin crawl. In the way of a match for the kingdom Quin would make sense. He came from a good family with a far back royal ancestor. To me though he was just wrong in all the right ways.

"Quin" I whisper seeing the Nightwinged boy fly off behind him. "Who was that you were talking to?"

"I bet your wanting to speak with him cause of your commonality" he says. Unable to stop myself I put a hand over his mouth.

"Remember" I whisper with a little hiss in my voice. "You are sworn to keep my secret while I'm here"

He raises an eyebrow at my hand over his mouth and I pull it away quickly. I wrap my arms round my waist and push the hair back from my face. Quin smiles down at me. Will people stop being taller than me?! I think angrily. "It is sad this will be the only year we have together. Although I guess during holidays we shall me at parties and such" he says sincerely.

I squirm. Seriously, he's too good. Like he looks like an angel. Talks like an angel. He makes you feel like your completely imperfect cause he's so perfect. I dont think he means to and I dont think he makes everyone feel that way but for me. Ugh, I just cant deal with this guy.

"Excuse me I have class" I say firmly and turn to rush away. I reach the gym again safe and flop down onto the bench with a heavy sigh. Gosh, I really hope he can keep his mouth shut. I dont want a swarm of people coming down on me when they discover I'm the princess.

"Penelopy" Rose says landing in front of me.

"Hey" I say as another lands behind her. Rose flops onto the bench next to me her breathing heavy with the boy sitting next to her.

"Why didnt you fly?" Rose asks.

"I dont like flying" I lie. Its a very big lie in fact because I love flying and for a Night wing I'm quite good. We're usually the slowest but the most powerful with out wings cause of our link to magic.

"Shame" Rose smiles. "This is Finch. Finch this is Penelopy. That's with a 'y'"

"Hey" Finch says. "A 'y' thats strange. Isn't it meant to be a 'e'?"

"My parents are strange" I say with a shrug. That is when the bell goes."Time to study I guess"

"What have you guys go?" Rose says flapping her wings once to get to her feet. "I have angelic prophecies and theories or boring for short"

"I have charms" I say.

"Same" Finch says to me then glances at Rose. "Sorry"

"You better be. I'm all alone. Thanks guys" she says with a huff. Finch blushes with a small squirm and I smile softly at her.

"I'm sure we'll have some lessons together. We all better go" I say. Waving bye to Rose we split up and I walk slowly as Finch flys a little above the ground in the high ceiling school.

The End

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