Worlds Apart

Regret welled up inside Quin's chest as Falcon's eyes bored into him, burning holes in his sole. Quin gulped, swallowing hard before flashing Falcon a carefree smile.

'I did not think you would return after your hatred towards me made itself apparent.' Quin laughed cooly. He was good at hiding his emotions. His family had often called him the eyeless doll, due to the fact his smile never reached his eyes.

'My dislike for you has nothing to do with my education.' Falcon snorted, his pitch black wings settling back onto his shoulder blades.

'I see you still keep your diary with your person.' Quin smiled, recalling the contents. He was one of the few people who had the delights of reading the sentimental life-story. 

Falcon held it tight to his side, his face twinged with annoyance.  Quin smiled his emotionless smile again.

'I'm going to leave now. Follow me and I'll slit your throat.' He snarled.

'Yes, yes.' Quin chuckled, turning away from the man he still considered a friend. Quin had been in a spiral of depression when Falcon turned his back on him. Quin had done something unspeakable, a betrayal which would never be forgiven. They were so far apart now, after previously being joined at the hip. 

As Quin walked, once again, away from Falcon, his golden hair fell in a tangled mess over his scarlet-red wings. He then stopped, before saying quietly, despite their distance, 'will you never forgive my mistake?'  

His answer was the sound of a wing beating strongly as it lifted a body from the ground. Quin smiled sadly, his eyes twinkling knowingly. It really was all over, they had no relationship to name aside from enemies. 

The End

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