Enter the Bad Boy


Two sharp onyx eyes glared from the shadows of the gym as the River Wing boy, Finch, and the flirtatious Skylight wing, Rose, flew through the air with smiles on their face. Laughter making him roll his eyes and huff boredly, all the new students and returning angels all having fun and enjoying themselves in a way it made him sick.

His jet black wings flapped sharply, subconsciously displaying his agitation. The last thing he wanted to do was sit here and watch Finchy boy try and fail to catch Rose's eye. Turning away he disappeared into the school's hallway, his favorite notebook and books tucked under his arm.

As he walked other angels, the girls, starred and giggled. Some tried to cover their hurried whispers and dreamy stares. Who needed to be the good guy, being pinned to a constant moral standard when you could be the bad boy and have everything. Sure he never got caught for what he did, but everyone knew and in many ways it earned him the fear and respect he deserved. After all he was one of only two Nightwings in the school.

And most angels feared his kind, perhaps it was their dark look or their sometimes darker nature, to Falcon it didn't matter. His Godmother even told him that he was connected to another Nightwing, that they would be perfect partners for each other...but Falcon didn't believe in fairy tale crap like that. That was for babies who couldn't see the harsh nature of reality. Suddenly a force struck Falcon that sent him to the ground along with his books. A low growl passed his lips as his eyes lit up. 

"Who the..." Thats when his vision caught the sudden flash of silver wings and his ears took in the shocked yelp. It was none other than Holly, a silverwing who'd been after him since they first met. 

"Oh, hey Falcon," she said, in a bit of a flirtatious yet apologetic tone. Her eyes flicking to his books that had scattered across the floor. All the other angels around them fell hush, eyes wide and watching what would happen. Falcon's eyes narrowed and he let out a sharp sigh. His wings flared to full span and flapped once to bring him to his feet. Holly reached to grab his books but Falcon snatched them before she could see them. 

"Don't touch those, Holly," he said curtly. Holly smiled and stood also. 

"Sure thing, so what you up to Falcon?" She asked curiously, following after the dark colored angel as he moved towards his dorm. Falcon rolled his eyes, though Holly wouldn't see and stopped before the boys dorms. 

"Listen sweetheart," he said with a handsome smile and a purr in his voice. "I have something very important to take care of, how bout you and me talk some other time 'kay love?" he winked and turned, entering the dorm and leaving Holly outside, starstruck. Inside the dorm building, Falcon bust out laughing, it was a slightly spin shivering tone but he didn't mind. Calming down he looked at his books and his features softened, so much so that he could have been a completely different angel. The books were on many subjects but the journal was his own private Diary, Almighty help him if one of the other angels got a-hold of it. That was why he kept it on his person every waking moment. 

"So you did come back..." Falcon stopped and a cold fiery anger uncoiled in his gut. He spun on his heels and flared his wings, a sour scowl on his face. 

"Quin...." he said, his low baritone voice had a slightly gravel-like quality. The Skylight wing looked at him and gave him one of those 'I'm the smooth, handsome, nice-guy' smiles. And Falcon new that this wasn't going to end well. 

The End

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