I shuffled up the stairs, and searched for my room. When I finally found it, I stuck the key in the hole; but finding it was already open, pushed the door with my back. The room was pale white, almost the same color as my skin. Laying in the bed closest to the window, was a girl with raven black hair.

I tried to be quiet, as to not wake her, but my bag thought otherwise. It didn't seem to want to obey me when I pushed it against the wall. It made a loud thud and the girl's eyes opened.

"Oh, hello." 

She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Hey."

"Sorry, did I wake you? I didn't mean to . . ." My sentence trailed off and I found myself staring at the floor. In the midst of all the white, something brown caught my eyes. I dropped to the floor, anxiously pulling out a cloth. 

I hated when the floors were dirty. I guess it was my mother's fault that I wanted everything clean. She had made my do all the chores, which had shaped me into who I was.

"Um . . . Is there something wrong with the floor?" She asked, her face showing a look of confusion.

"Oh no, it's just dirty." My face turned bright red as I realized how I must look. Probably like a weird girl; a girl who got obsessed over just one little spot. "I'm a bit of a neat freak."

"A bit?" She laughed. "I'm Penelopy." She reached for my hand and I gave it to her. 

"Rose." I grinned.

A few minutes later, I found myself in the middle of a deep conversation with my new friend. We had a lot in common. She was a first year and like me, was the first child in the family.

We went through big oak doors to our first lesson; flying.

Being a Skylight Wing, I was an awesome flyer. I had started flying just before the start of school, my parents had taught me. I was a natural. I started having races with my friend, Finch, and got better each time.

I walked around the room with Penelopy, my red curls bouncing around my face. It felt as if someone was watching me, so I twisted my head and looked around the room. It was Finch. He realized I caught him staring and blushed.

"H-hi Rose" He stuttered. "I-I didn't know y-you were in this c-class?"

"Hi Finch. You ready to fly?"

He nodded eagerly and I braced for take off. Finch mimicked my position. The teacher walked in and said, "Alright class, before we take to the skies, we must stretch our wings."

I opened mine; which were a beautiful red.

"One, two, three, lift!" I shot up into the sky and looked down at Finch. He must have forgotten how to flap, again.

The End

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