Finch Riverwing

I could hear the laughter as I walked down the hallway to the gym, heading for flight practice. There goes Finch, the only River Wing who wont do magic. I knew the rumours, it was hard not to notice my aversion to doing magic. In class, I shook and stuttered when saying the spells, I never used it to defend myself in gym. It scared me. My parents, both Riverwings themselves, didnt ever have the same problem. Dont think about it. I thought. Just focus on ten minutes from now, when you'll be in the air.

I strode through the door and the whispers behind me stopped. It was a mixed bunch, standing in the middle of the room, silverwings, skywings, riverwings, more silverwings than anything else. They were all looking up. The ceiling was a dome, it opened to reveal the sky, which today was a perfect cloudless blue. A ruffle of red feathers near me caught my attention and I looked over to see Rose. Her tight red curls bounced around her face as she smiled up at the sky. I blushed as she turned and caught me looking at her. "H-hi Rose." I stuttered. "I-I didn't know y-you were in this c-class."

"Hi Finch." Rose laughed and I blushed again. "You ready to fly?"

I nodded eagerly, maybe too eagerly. "Lets race." Rose challenged, already braced for take-off. I hurried to mimic her position then the teacher walked in. "Alright class, before we take to the skies, we must stretch our wings." She said with a lofty air. I straightened up, sighing and the teacher lead us through each slow stretch.

"One, two, three, lift!" The teacher commanded at last. Eleven angels shot to the sky. Others careened into the padding lining the walls, and I, froze.

Rose took off immediately and was high above the room and, watching her, I'd forgotten how to flap.

"Finch, what is the problem dear?" The teacher asked. She was a homely lady, not round, but she had no sharp angles. Her wings were red and graceful.

"Nothing, ma'am." I mumbled, my wings twitched and I turned red once again.

"Well, go on then, I must help these young ones straighten out their takeoff." She went over to a silverwing who was just brushing herself off. I launched into the air, feeling the wind blowing through my hair and feathers and soon I was high above the school. I did a few loop de loops and felt free again.

It was my first time flying in a while; my dad had put me through extra fighting and magic courses during the last few years, training me to be part of the royal guard, where I was destined to go, as both a riverwing and as my father's son. Flight was my passion though, and once again, I wished I had red wings.

The End

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