It's in the realm of Cyane where the angels live.


I lifted my bag up the stairs grumbling to myself. I didn't want to be here. I had wanted to go to the Northern school close to home. Close the palace that was my home. I didn't like being the first royal Night Wing and I didn't like being the heir to the throne but you don't chose your parents and no angel choses their wing colour.

Its out of your hand and into the one of fate. Then my mother wanted me to go to the Eastern school but when my tattoos showed no signs of turning blue we knew for certain I'd never get in there. They'd never except a Night Wing.

Hell, I had problems travelling east to angelic temple anyway since most of the east was turned against the idea of a Night Wing on the throne. Even I myself was against it. I wasn't the right person to sit on that throne. I can barely even organise getting myself the travel plans to the western school never mind organising a whole realm. I heave a sigh as I finally reach the second floor lifting up my leather bag. I walk along the wooden floor looking at the painted over rock walls that makes this building.

The first floor had been the boys dorms and the second was for the girls. I was heading for a joint room with another student. A way to be normal my younger brother Charles put. I had ignored him. He could attend the Eastern school and stay at the angelic temple quarters being a Skylight Wing.

I had to go and be an oddity among the civilisation. I wonder if I could ever find my link. It is said that every Night Wing is born to another since we're so rare. They wont be born on the same day but within the same decade. If I could find mine... No, its impossible. The amount of Night Wings that find their link are as rare as they actually are themselves. I heavy a sigh finally reaching my door. 

Shoving my hand into my pocket I dig out the key I had been given at reception before coming here. I shoved it into the lock and opened it stepping in. The room was empty.

Obviously my room mate was also a first year and hadn't arrived yet. So I quickly touch the bed closest to the window along with the desk and dresser on that side. I popped my head to look in the small bathroom which contained a bath, toilet and sink. Luckily this place had running water which was common in cities but rare in the middle of nowhere like this place was.

Dumping my leather bag next to my dresser I flopped back onto my bed just to rest my aching body. 

I must have fallen asleep though cause the next I knew I was woken by the sound of a girl hauling in a heavy leather bag into the room. Her hair was a short curly red and she was a little taller than me. Then again I was quite short which Charles often teased me about since he was now taller. I guess that's what you get when you teased him before for being the small one.

I loved my brother though despite his constant annoyance of me and his almost normality that allowed him to fit in. Isnt everyone jealous of their siblings in some way.

"Oh hello" the girl says noticing me. 

"Hey" I say sitting up and rubbing my eyes. 

"Sorry, did I wake you? I didnt mean to..." she says her voice trailing off as her eyes pin gazing at something on the floor. She lifts her bag onto the other bed searching through it gently before coming out with a cloth. She then moves towards the floor and begins scrubbing.

"Um.... is there something wrong with the floor?" I ask confused.

"Oh no, its just dirty" she says standing back up with a little blush. "I'm a bit of a near freak"

"A bit?" I laugh. "I'm Penelopy"

"Rose" she says with a smile. 

The End

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